I’m encouraging Linda to savor and enjoy our recent efforts.  There are few things so satisfying as building a new program from scratch.  Rallying a community towards a vision of  excellence.  And so it was at yesterday morning’s 1st annual Lifestyle Fitness Resolution Run.  We had the opportunity to present the Valley 7 Lakes Marathon.  Our ambitions and the plans for  Waterloo/Valley/Fremont/Omaha/Lincoln runners and walkers.  Sowing a new seed, a kernel of truth.

The Truth is you don’t trifle with the marathon.  Its a serious pursuit, no matter what your goals  are.   You train your butt off for the chance to challenge the distance and yourself.  To dare dream of running an Olympic Trials qualifier.  Or Boston qualifier.  Or Personal Best.  Giving it your very best effort, the ultimate kernel of truth.

The Truth is that our efforts are towards creating an event and experience different than has ever been offered in Nebraska.  Different than the Omaha and Heartland and Nebraska Marathons.   Different than Grand Island.  Different than Lincoln.   A marathon created for American athletes.  By those that have demonstrated years of commitment to American athletes.   Nebraska’s only USATF Certified and Sanctioned, completely closed road course.  Pancake flat, lightning fast.

Our goal for the race is for all runners to have the chance to Run To Their Potential.  We want you to run with us this coming April.  Instead of sitting around the retirement fire wondering “What could I have run on that course?”  The ultimate kernel of truth.