On Kevin’s door.  And Sam’s and Carl’s and a lot of others.

It takes a certain type of person (thick skinned) to go around knocking on doors.  Before setting out it is beneficial to understand that your realistic goal will be a 1% success rate.  If you really believe in what you are doing that is an acceptable return on your  energies.

How many doors, over the last 15+ years,  Have I knocked on for Team Nebraska, for the USATF Nebraska Association, for Nebraska  Run Guru Elite?  I’ll round it off to Bunches.  Not a single successful “Open Sesame.”  Passion and energy and courage required to climb each set of steps, advocacy is not for the weak.

I knocked on the doors of five of the best restaurants in town yesterday.  Shopping around Bar None Produce.  Athletes and produce have a lot of similarities as selling points.   The work necessary to become the best.  The most beautiful leeks you’ve ever seen, bell peppers the  size of a small boy’s head, heirloom tomatoes.  Scored one out of the five.  Happy to announce that Pitch Coal Fired Pizzeria in Omaha joins our Council Bluffs partner Dixie Quicks.  Returned to Pitch last night for supper, excellent.  Thanks again to the chefs that appreciate and support the efforts of local market gardeners!

And thanks to those of you that support developing distance runners.  No matter which kit they wear.

Knock knock!  Who’s there?  Probably me!