I’ve had business in “the city” the last couple of early mornings and used that opportunity to run at my old dojo.  Recognizing that the heat keeps away the un-Real Runners, it has still been strangely very quiet.  Where the heck is everyone?  Nary a varmint to be seen.  This morning only a solitary, grumpy toad.

And with the calm all around, Lake Zorinsky has been perfect for reflection.  Reminding me that it was this solitude that first drew me to West Omaha and 18312 Ontario St. in particular.  The years spent there providing me quick escape through the preserve and to my favored training ground.

And my meditation lodge.  Stripped down, basking in the sun, mind cleared of all responsibilities. Recharged and ready for whatever needed be done.  It really was having the preserve as my back yard that provided me with comfort.  If good fences make good neighbors, having a wildlife preserve makes for much better.

I’ve put the home up for sale, new paint, new carpet, etc. etc.  It is listed with B.J. Brown of NP Dodge, just under $400K.  Over 3500 square feet with the best views you will find in West O.   If peace and serenity sounds like something you can live with, give her a call.

lake placidThis plate is from the 1980 Winter Olympics In Lake Placid, NY, also host to the 1932 Winter Olympics.  Commemorative plates from many Olympics, Commonwealth Games, and other significant events are part of my collection.  I’ll be sharing those with you too.