Catching up on some overdue kudos, of the W flavor.

Kyle Clouston got the overall at the hilly, Hilly, HILLY Bohemian Alps 50K over yonder in Brainard.

Jeremy Morris set a course record of 7:19:45 at the Hawk 50 Mile in Lawrence, KS.

I respect both of these cats.  Same with Pete Kostelnick.  And Ashley Schurman.  And Jerrod Anzalone.  These runners that go what to me are amazing distances.  No, no, not the casual or bucket list or feel good story runner, these are the  distance racers.  I never attempted anything over a marathon in my career.  Just couldn’t imagine where I’d dig to find those resources.  And now, much too late as dictated by crumbling infrastructure.

We’ve seen some pretty remarkable distance feats out of Nebraska this year.  Truly the wellspring from which Nebraska Run Guru Elite emerged.  If not exactly chippy then certainly with a sense of purpose.

So a toast to our ultra distance aces.  In It To Win It.  I don’t believe I’ve mentioned it here but now’s the time.  Pete,  as part of his  preparation and confidence going into Badwater, had neatly  packed an American Flag into his backpack.  Pulled it out in the homestretch, proudly raising it, letting everyone know that a good ol’ boy from the heartland had just pulled off the unbelievable against an international  field that had owned the race for too long.  No longer.