What is a guru?  Simply a teacher.  Today I want to stimulate more than competitiveness in the  running community.

Who are you?  Really?  Two ways.  As I and others see you.  As you see yourself.   Inextricable.  Both are correct.  Both are wrong.

I see you as runner.  You’re also son, brother, father, daughter, sister or mother.  Your employer sees you as accountant, pipefitter, electrician,  librarian, or deli master.  You are all of those.  You are none of those.

You see me as scribe, firebrand, ass, gardener, coach, friend.  You are right.  You are wrong.

I see me as you see me.  I see me as I see myself.  You are right.  I am  right.  I see me as you see me.  I see me as I see myself.  You are wrong.  I am wrong.

Opinions.  Onion’s tearful layers protecting the pearl of truth.  That center of us all that needs no proofing.  Who we Really Are.  I am you are we are us.  Exactly the same and completely different.

Now to the mundane.  Good luck to everyone going down to Maryville for this weekend’s 5 mile or wherever you may roam.