Sunday morning into early that afternoon, and then like a ton of bricks on Monday.  That was the impact personally from running a marathon.  Training cycles somewhere between fair and great, good enough to chase a personal  best every single effort, a couple age graded.  Legs all done in, hobbling through days.

The Clock.  It is the most honest person you know.  And cruelest.  A tick here, a tock there.  If you are a Real Marathoner you are digging what I’m laying down.  Do you believe that every marathon should be run as if it is your last?  Do you race your marathons?  Do you embrace the idea that your marathon personal best defines you as a runner?  Do you care if no one else gets it?

So get some like you’ve never gotten it before.  Get out there and earn your mark.  Post up a personal best that will be your badge forever more.  It all comes down to a matter of seconds.

Today’s Big Tip of  the Sombrero goes to Jennifer Lee Wilson.  Her pursuit of a sub 5 achieved at this past weekend’s  Run For The Lakes Marathon.  Her previous pr was 5:03, consistency and determination knocked off 23 minutes to a nice 4:40.  Darn proud of you Jen!