The cat is out of the proverbial bag.  Nebraska Run Guru Elite Inc is right up front.  For all to see.

There has been a lot of work getting to this point.  By many different people.  Right up top, Nancy Sutton Moss.  Her belief in the Run Guru Elite culture.  Her support of my vision.  Whether red and white or grey  and black.  None of this would be possible without her.

She is more like me than you might think.  As Colin, Johnny, and Jay entered the State Farm campus her eyes lit up.  I told her who the three were, giddily explained  “3 Athletes!  3 Clubs!”

Huge smile on her face, she asked me to set my eye across the finish line in case a call needed  be made on the winner.  Jay made that charge unnecessary.

Grant crossing the line not too long after, leaving heads and tongues wagging.  NRGE, Inc.

If you wonder why Nancy has supported USATF for the last 15 years you had need only be at that finish line to answer your query.

Stimulating the Running Community to a More Competitive Culture.

A More Competitive Culture Stimulating the  Running Community.  Muchas Gracias!


NRGE, Inc.  Team Nebraska.  LRC Racing.  Women Run Nebraska.  Nancy stands on the start line.  She sees Good Work.  She sees Real Competition.  She sees the fruits of 15 years work.  She is glad.  And so am I.  Giddyup!