I’ve added a header to the front page titled “Dojo 12K”.  There are three maps for your inspection, the first being the actual USATF Certification map, the next two provided by someone more digitally savvy than I.  I’m posting the original below but you’ll always be able to click and view.

Matt Schneider was leading the Laugh and  Half Marathon this morning.  Just past the 1 mile mark he and three other speedsters were directed off course, running a half mile the wrong direction before being alerted.  When they turned around his 30 meter lead became a 30 meter deficit.  All credit to Sufian Kalil for taking advantage of the opportunity and not yielding the lead for the remainder of the race.  Kalil, Matt, and TNB deb Lee Anderson worked their way back up through (last to first) the pack and finished top 3 in that order.  In the women’s race Matt’s wife Meghan made a double debut, running her first race as a mate and also tackling 13.1 for the very first time.  Second overall female!  In a true family affair, Meghan’s brother and another Good Mate Andrew Jacob won the accompanying 5K.  I won’t be surprised to find out papa Jeff won the 50+ age group somewhere.