Please consider renewing or joining our USATF Nebraska Association LDR program in 2020!

A portion of all membership fees come back to our program, allowing advocacy for excellence in our sport.  For example, our 2017 USATF Nebraska Association LDR Scholarship winners did very well at their respective conference XC Champs this fall.   In the Big 12  Iowa St. junior Milo Greder was 9th over 8K in 24:00. Oklahoma St. junior Taylor Somers (20:08.5) finished 2nd overall in the 6K, a mere wink from the win. In the Big 10 Seth Hirsch (24:43) finished 27th. A big tip of the sombrero to these athletes and to their continued success collegiately!

Our Association’s LDR grass roots programming also receives a boost from both membership fees and sanctioning fees.  Providing support to events that help to grow our sport.  Exposing athletes to competition, opportunities to run to their potential, to qualify for higher tier events, ala USA National  Championships and beyond.  Regardless of kit, some of our best athletes are not attached to a club.

Even if you are not an athlete you can  still support those that dare to dream.

I want to thank those clubs that require all members to be card carrying USATF Nebraska Association members.  Most all do.

There is value on a local level with USATF.

I’m a little biased as you know.