There’s a name to hang your hat on, and we did for a decade.  Before transitioning to the much easier to pronounce Nebraska Trail Run.   We believe it to be the longest consecutively held trail run in Nebraska, our 14th (15th?) annual coming next April 4.   We’ve listened to the trail running community around the Midwest and are bringing it back to Platte River State Park for 2020!

A little history on the event-

Founded as a fundraiser for Team Nebraska in 2005, allowing us to send mates to competitions around the  United States.   A collaboration with local legend Tom Bombadil, I mean Ivan Marsh.  His regular training ground, intimate knowledge of the trails guaranteeing a half dozen victories in as many years.
Linda and I have continued the race since Team Nebraska’s demise in 2012.  In addition to the brutal 12K we’ve also hosted a 4 mile and a ridiculously difficult half marathon on the storied course.  Our buddy and 4 time Olympic Trials Marathoner Patrick Rizzo taking the 12K & 13.1 titles in 2016 & ’17.  Ingenue Kaci Lickteig joining Patrick for overall laurels in ’16.
Moved the race to Chalco Hills in ’18 & ’19, shortened to an 8K- both softly received, prompting our return to PRSP.
Cabela’s has been primary sponsor for the history of the race, complimentary mission statements.  Always a well earned signature dish and beer garden in addition to some of the best age group hardware anywhere, Cabela’s cast iron cookware and more.  And Bragging Rights for conquering what Business Insider Magazine dubbed the “8th Most Challenging Trail Run in the United States.”  Bea Sides and Brian Wandzilak running every edition at PRSP, hope to have them join us once again.

We opened registration yesterday and are happy with the immediate response.

We would like to invite you (dare you?) to come out and challenge yourself on the extreme elevations.  Find that sense of accomplishment that brings runners back year after year.  Stake your claim to the Toughest Trail Run in the Midwest!