Two can be as bad as one, its the loneliest number since the number one.

What I’m working on, what I’m seeing.  I’ve been critiquing, lambasting and praising the running scene between these margins for 17 years now.  Think about that for a moment, where were you (how old were you?) in 2003?  That’s just here in Nebraska.  My road race management chops extend all the  way back  to Houston and 1983.  Thirty seven years of experience, background for my professional opinion.

I’m working out the details for the Valley Days 1500 Meters and the Waterloo Days 2 Mile.  These races are being offered for serious runners and racers.  They will be exclusively small and controlled fields. No more than 50 total runners, 5 waves of 10 going off as each previous heat is finished.  Socially distanced at the start, grid wise.  A list of other recommendations to ensure the safest possible experience.

The people that I respect the very most share my view on the current state of road race management.  They too are commited to putting on races in the safest possible manner.  We are anguishing daily through CDC and local recommendations.  Every major race in the country has been canceled this year.  Many of next spring’s races already working  on contingency plans.

We are seeing races starting to open back up here in Nebraska.  You’ll see some small intimate ones like described above.  I’ve also seen one November race announcing a cap of 3500 runners.

Paradigm (noun). “A model or worldview underlying the theories and methodology of a particular subject.”   All this pointing towards today’s gist—Not everyone agrees.

One is the loneliest number.  Two can be as bad as one.  Its the loneliest number since the number one.