Linda & I had a special guest join us for this morning’s run.  Nebraska Legend & Favorite Son Ivan Marsh popped in and cruised an easy 5 spot.  Rare to catch him at these low elevations during the summer and always great to catch up with one of the Real Good Guys.    All three of us were wearing the Brooks Racer ST racing flat, I’m sure we were the orange and blue blur you saw on 180th.

We had 24 of the toughest runners in Omaha at Millard West last night.  98 degrees at the start didn’t bow these dedicated athletes from the prescribed workout.  I gave everyone an option to bag the final 400 meters, no one did and I was darned proud of their determination.  And my are they getting Fast!

Cataloging my inventory of running collectibles, trying to decide if I need to get some of these pieces back into circulation.  I might need to call American Pickers.

I’ll be driving the Good Mates to Davenport tomorrow so will likely get a later update than usual, thanks for checking in at your leisure.