This Lincoln Marathon training cycle has featured a great deal of marathon specific pace work.  I will have well over 150 miles at my goal pace by the time May 1st rolls around, another 50+ at 10K-Half marathon pace.  It is getting easier and easier to dial in, and spot on too.  Going to hit my single 20 mile run this Saturday, a big departure from any other previous marathon build up for me.  But I am running very consistent 50-55 mile weeks with few if any complaints physiologically and that is a bonus this time around.  Psychologically of course I am the master of my domain, so I’ve got that going for me.

Shannon Stenger started his 1500 meter pace specific work this morning, inoculating the soul to withstand the discomfort of racing, matters not whether it be a mile or a marathon.

Our Wednesday night track group is also cultivating a more keen sense of pace, they were hitting their splits last night despite a 25 mph, Cold North Wind.  Paces ranging from 6:30s through 9:00, working hard and finding focus.  I’m very excited for this dedicated group of athletes, they are all running Lincoln and are looking for big prs (and Angie’s debut!).  My old buddy Andre Lejeune reports his Boston training is going very well.  He does his training with the NY Central Park Track Club and is getting in great shape for 44 years old as evidenced by his 20 miles @ 7:00 pace last Saturday.  He’ll be rocking the Red & White on April 18th so give a cheer to an Honorary Good Mate.

Have you marked your calendars for the BIG BLUE RUN?  June 11 with an 8:00 am start.  5K, 1 Mile, and kids runs of 400 & 800 meters.