We’re kind of out in the sticks on Our Little Slice.  But we do have a lot of accidental tourists.  Around these parts they’re called Professionals.

Astride their Kestrel or Canonndale or Cervelos, flocks and flocks of peacocks armored in their best Cinzano and Pellegrino and Italia kits.  Usually flying solo during the week, in packs on the weekends.

Not your usual weekend warriors though.  There are those among us that endure hours and hours in their fancy Fizik saddles, gripping their Carbon Ness integrated handlebars.  After spending an hour or more in the pool.  And finally out for some jogging/running/walking.

Call them rockstars.  Call them supermen/women.  Call them inspirations to mankind.   Out here we just call them Professionals.

So hats off today to all the incredibly amazing Omaha superheroes that participated in yesterday’s Ironman Arizona.  Two point four mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run.

Michelle Reitz: Swim 01:19:16 Bike 05:26:12 Run 04:16:27 Overall 11:08:53–10th in her age group!

Cade Pearson: Swim 01:29:06 Bike 06:44:28 Run 04:00:14 Overall 12:32:36

Michelle Bandur: Swim 01:18:45 Bike 06:10:02 Run 05:32:39 Overall 13:11:41

Lou Andersen: Swim 01:17:28 Bike 06:10:09 Run 05:41:14 Overall 13:24:22

Steve Stender: Swim 01:32:06 Bike 06:33:38 Run 05:03:13 Overall 13:26:13

Dave Seevers: Swim 01:25:58 Bike 06:23:59 Run 06:39:57 Overall 14:41:54

Shawna Young: Swim 02:06:27 Bike 06:57:35 Run 05:21:49 Overall 14:48:57

Molly Pearson:  Swim 01:26:26 Bike 07:01:19 Run 06:06:04 Overall 14:54:07

Anne Andersen: Swim 01:35:29 Bike 07:17:26 Run 06:24:27 Overall 15:38:56

Danielle Galvin: Swim 01:54:25 Bike 07:04:01 Run 06:27:36 Overall 15:43:04

Polly Faltin: Swim 01:38:21 Bike 06:54:07 Run 06:52:32 Overall 16:18:20

Tomorrow I’ll cover Michael Wardian’s merely mortal San Antonio/Las Vegas Marathon double.