Real Money or not?  I’m getting a Real Kick out of all those that are squirming over the Ashley Madison “affair.”  I see this morning where subscribers are being extorted, payment in bit coin please.  Names on the list from every slice of the population (with excessive income and interesting appetites.)  Hope you all have been Good Boys and Girls!

Real Money or not?  In an effort to try and attract some top tier runners from Nebraska, the Freedom Run has set the prize money so that we can reward those with a 2015 USATF membership.  In the form of non cumulative performance bonuses.

1.  $150 guaranteed, another $100 for sub 1:10:00
2.  $100 guaranteed, another $50 for sub 1:12:00
3. $75 guaranteed, another $25 for sub 1:13:00

1. $150 guaranteed, another $100 for sub 1:20:00
2. $100 guaranteed, another $50 for sub 1:22:00
3. $75 guaranteed, another $25 for sub 1:23:00.

I published our “invited elite” list  Aug. 16, “Pros and Cons”.    Shannon Mauser Suing so far the only commit.   The race, and prize purse, it would seem, are Wide Open.  Pros and Coins, who wants some?

Kudos to my old buddy Sean  Wade.  Forty Nine (49!) years old, just cruised a 15:16 5K, he would have been our association’s champ for that distance.

He’s 20 years older than you.  And he’s faster than you!


This picture sums up everything Lindgren.  Fearing no one, even Pre.  Never giving or asking for quarter, a fighter to the line.  And then, and only then, mutual respect.  The two greatest runners of their respective generations.  Don’t know that they ever claimed to be friends.