If I’m not writing you know something has me rapt.  The last couple of weeks have been Bar None Busy.  Four restaurant deliveries last week, four already this week.  As we prep for our big gig this Sunday at Roast in Aksarben Village.   And always with the cleaning, this time with an extra eye to next weekend’s Bar None Beer Mile.   Outside.

Inside.  Fifty one pints plus 20 quarts of corn blanched, de-cobbed, and in the freezer.  Sixteen pints of beets.  Gallons of salsa and tomato sauce.   Eight pints of blackberry jam.   Bags and bags of pesto.  Potatoes in the cellar.  Garlic and onions hanging in quiet bondage.  Greens at every chance.  Linda’s dehydrator humming low, drying all manner of herbs.

Putting up while the putting is good.

Don’t forget tomorrow’s Team Up For Teammates 5K.  One of the very few prize money races on the local calendar.  Thanks again Kray.

Keith Hanson joins me at the Copa Cabana Hotel, 2008.  Keith and brother Kevin came down for the World Champs Half Marathon in ’08.