The IAAF World Mountain Running Championships  were held this past weekend in Villa La Angostura, Argentina.  Please join me in congratulating the following athletes and performances from our American contingent.  Some very fine racing resulting in a nice haul of international competition hardware!

In the men’s long course- 41.5 kilometers (26.2 miles) with 2,184 meters ascent and 2,184 meters descent (aye caramba!)- Jim Walmsley of the United States took the Gold (3:12:16) leading his mates Hayden Hawks (6th, 3:26:05) and David  Sinclair (10th, 3:29:14) to a Silver in the team competition.  Spain captured the Gold and Italy the Bronze, speaks highly of the competition levels.

The women’s long course race featured Emily  Schmitz (10th, 4:01:30), Ashley Brasovan (16th, 4:07:45) and Dani Moreno (19th, 4:12:05) of the United States taking a 4th overall team behind France, Spain, and Romania.

In the Senior men’s competition, 14.7K (9.2 miles) with 754M ascent and descent, Joseph Gray of the U.S. took more Gold (1:05:13) leading our  mates to a Silver in the Team Competition.  Joining  Joseph were David Sinclair (12th, 1:07:38), and Andy Wacker (21st, 1:09:04).  Gold went to the Czech Republic, Bronze to Italy.

In the  Senior women’s division Grayson Murphy (1:15:20) of the United States took GoldKimber Mattox (17th, 1:21:40) and Kasie Enman (21st, 1:21:55) joined Grayson to a 5th overall team  finish.  Gold went to France, Silver to Czech  Republic, Bronze to the UK, and Italy ahead of us.

In the Junior men’s race, 7.6K (~4.75 miles)  Tyman Smart (5th, 33:09), David Cardenas (20th, 34:38) and Mike Hancock (26th, 35:50) steered the men to a 6th overall team finish.  Gold to the UK, Silver to Turkey, Bronze to Italy.  Mexico and France also finishing ahead of our good mates.

The Women’s junior race found a top 5 team result for the United States with Samantha Blair (8th, 39:49), Joslin Blair (15th, 40:30) and Moggi Condon (23rd, 44:01) representing.  Gold to Italy, Silver to Turkey, Bronze to Czech Republic.  France just ahead of the U.S.