Well how about that!

My right arm  is sore from tipping my sombrero since receiving news that the leadership of RAGBRAI  has  split from their  title sponsor.  Over Freedom of Speech.

The reason you readers check in to these musings is that I speak with such frankness on issues concerning our  sport.  I’ve been told I shouldn’t (almost daily by my dear sweet Linda).  Been told I couldn’t by a large event that used to sponsor my club.

I’ve used this column to point out deficiencies in our running community.  That prompted a well orchestrated coup of Team Nebraska in 2012.   It cost me sponsorship for Nebraska Run  Guru Elite, Inc. a year later.    If you’ve ever wondered who/why/how those circumstances played out, the folks across the river just couldn’t stand having someone else call the shots.  Just look at how Team Nebraska was dismantled and resurrected as LRC Racing.

My vision and words rise far above the constraints of  La Leche de Madre.

I’ll tie this into yesterday’s column.  Our LDR Chair recently received a scathing email from the leadership of LRC Racing, challenging how could we possibly  schedule our USATF LDR XC Champs the same day  as the Good Life Halfsy.  How LRC Racing will fully support the 13.1 mile tour of Antelope Trail (sidewalk) instead.  Are you freaking kidding me?

See, Freedom of Speech.  Not beholdin to anything but the Truth.  The RAGBRAI Principle.