On Prozac.  Sometimes all the feel good, we’re all special because we’re runners, its all about the relationships attitude wears me out.

I look back on 30+ years in this sport and celebrate the friends I’ve made.  Not the  four digit facebook followers, are followers really friends?   But the few Real Friends, those that know me best.   Those that understand my passions.  Those that share my visions.  I’ll never hinge my enjoyment or appreciation or celebration of running on how I  feel about others.  More importantly my Running Life won’t be dictated by how people feel about me.  As life has taught me, too many weirdos, wackos, and just pure evil in the world to try and cater to everyone.  Another big life lesson is that the more sympathetic and understanding you are, the more people you try to accommodate, the wider open you are to those same crazies.

Real Friends.  Few and far between.  Just the way I like them.