I speak a lot about the historical aspect of  our sport, locally to internationally.  Throw around words like “visionary, blah, blah, blah.”  Never at a loss.  Toss names as easy as a drive through order.  Not today.

Today’s Big Tips go to the lesser known but no less important.  There are a whole bunch of you,  please forgive me highlighting just my favorite two.

I’ve watched Matt Scott with a sense of awe this year.  I’ve chronicled his daughter Madison’s training and competitive success, none would have been possible without Matt and Kristy being there.  Not just the many training sessions and local competitions.  But travelling across the United States for the opportunity to race the rest of the best.  North Carolina, Indiana, and this weekend, appropriately enough,  Madison, Wisconsin.  She and the West Omaha Track Club Wolves will be competing at the USATF National Junior Olympic XC Championships.

I’d also like to recognize Tim Fry and  Michael Bickley of Club 402.  These cats are as committed to our sport’s future as anyone in Nebraska.   Serious runners themselves, the lion’s share of their efforts are poured into their youth program.  Modeling excellence their strongest suit.  They’ve also loaded up and will be on the start line tomorrow morning in Madison.

Matt, Tim, and Michael.  The Real Heroes of Running.