Ann Gaffigan ran for UNL and then she ran for me.  In 2003 I took her to the USA 8K National Championships in NYC.  Later that year she would win the  very  first Women’s  USA Steeplechase National Championships.  It was added to the Olympic roster of events the next year.  Ann wouldn’t make the team but her legacy is cemented.

Emma Coburn and Courtney Frerichs just elevated women’s steepling in the US to the stratosphere.  Gold and Silver at the World Champs.

Jay Welp and Mark Abrams of Run Guru Elite elevated at the Beat the Heat 5K in Bellevue.  Jay continues his unbeaten streak running 15:02, Mark 2nd overall in 15:41.  Who then will challenge Senor Welp for the $500 on September 3rd?  This is how Real Competition works.   You offer up a champion for others to dare.  Hopefully someone rises up.  And when the mano-a-mano matchups do occur, only then do you see excellence in its truest, purest form.  When its not just a time trial but head to head.  That is what allows a deeper dig into the soul, brings up the lifetime personal bests that memories are made of.

So thanks Ann Gaffigan.  For Rising Above.