I’ll be 64 by the time the first snow falls.  My passion for our sport still burns bright.   Linda and I are doing a modicum of jogging, taking advantage of the grassy trails and shaded spots and cool mornings.  Those moments most of all remind me that I am a runner for life.

Coaching has taken a greater role, that has rewards as well.  Watching my athletes achieve their potential.

Refining our mission at Nebraska Run Guru has been a constant and labor of love.  To continue serving our running community.

Valley ONE Marathon and Half Marathon now with a starter’s cannon in the books.  The race positioned as a great option for America’s best athletes, as well as every runner trying to run to their potential.  Run As One.  “Running, the sport where we all share the same start and finish line!”

From the deep archives, my race directing debut and also overall winner at the Channel Industries Sports Association 4K, age 26.  Running and Racing ad infinitum