Columbia South Carolina hosted our 2000 USA Olympic Trials Marathon, a sunny and warm day.  Christine Clark (2:33:31) and Rod DeHaven (2:15:30) took the laurels and were the only 2 American athletes representing the USA at the Sydney Olympic Games.

Almost 20 years ago, most of you not yet caring about such things, if I may assume you do today.  The United States could only produce one male and one female capable of the IAAF qualifying criteria.  The saddest marathoning day in a generation’s history of American athletics spurning the declaration of a running emergency.  The question of  the  day becoming, “How do we revive American Distance Running?”

The answer came from the most passionate advocates for our sport.  As the WLDR’s Association Athlete Development Coordinator and WLDR National Championships Chair I was honored to be included.  The  USATF Elite Development Club initiative the most visible of our solutions.

I’ll always be proud that Team Nebraska Brooks was in the first class of EDCs.  The athletes and their performances helping to reshape competitive distance running in the U.S. and especially here in the Good Life.  Excited for the future of our USATF clubs.  Happy USATF Nebraska has endured.  Ecstatic that America can hold its head high again.

The passion remains in this old market gardener on the outskirts of Waterloo.  Making American Marathoners Great Again.