Good.  Yesterday’s column struck one for many of you.  It was supposed to.  Silly goose.

I heard from an individual that annually passes half a dozen professional mandatory background checks.  Inexplicably challenged me to let him know when I pass that level of  scrutiny.  Well, when I become a Dr. of Medicine I will submit to same.

Same cat suggested that I call people out by name, some twisted logic that this will protect the innocent.  Give me a break.  Not sure what the agenda is but methinks he doth protest too much.  Show up at the annual meeting this September, that is all for you.

Here’s what you do need to know.  The Nebraska Association is in a shambles.  Background checks just the very important tip of the iceberg.

There are those of us willing to put up with all of the BS to make right.   By going to the meetings, by going to the mat.  By knowing the rules.  By putting up with these bold faceless critics.

Michael-Hajek Jones.   Logan Watley.  Linda Kunasek.  These people are trying hardest to save our LDR ship.

I raised holy heck when the sham of an LDR election was foisted on us in 2014.  We saw how that played out.  Those responsible, little did they know, little do they know.  Chicanery, subterfuge, hoodwinking, deceit.  Eloquent glibness without any sense of reality.  Smiles all round.  And now, this:

  1.  Laura Borman of the Ozark Association has been assigned to oversee the Nebraska election process this coming  September.
  2. All sport committees will be required to have published Operating Procedures.  Sport committees will conduct elections independent of the annual meeting and other committee meetings.
  3. The By-Law Amendments voted on last September are set aside.  New By-Laws will be put in place by  this September’s meeting.  The reason being that they were passed without proper notification, indicative of the cavalier endemic.
  4. All committee chairs will be elected to four year terms.  This is the standard around the rest of the USATF country.

To Michael, thank you for your tireless efforts.  To Logan, Linda and I and the rest of your committee are here and at your service.  We’ve made great LDR strides in 2016.

That’s not all folks.   The USATF National  Office has voted 11-1 to suspend the entire Youth  Executive Committee, including  its Chair, Lionel  Leach.  All 2016 USATF Youth events will continue  as normal.  Stay tuned.