Hope everyone got just what they deserved yesterday.  Two of mine and  Linda’s pair making it out to the Bar None, can never get enough of our kids these days.

Many of us out here in the homesteads making the rounds, baskets of each acreage’s special bounty lining holiday tables.  If not Norman Rockwell, pretty close.

Unexpected gift.  Last week I heard from Richard Rieck with the Dept. of Geography at Western Illinois University in Macomb.  Researching an “article for a non-profit journal dealing with reports of flaying/skinning of emigrants by Indians on the trails west and encountered your ‘*Flayed Friday’ post.”  Prompting two hours through time in the stacks at the Waterloo library, finally finding the original source work.  And much, much more history geek candy.  I get a credit in his article to appear late next year.  As a writer, no greater gift.

Thunder and Lightning in Omaha on Christmas Day 2016!  Will they google in the future?

Oddball gift.  Some eccentric folk out here, more so than your scribe even.  Two of the most are right south of us.  He a retired UNO Chemistry professor and her near to retiring Neuroscience professor at Creighton.  He from Jolly Old where they will retire to a home that has been in his family for centuries, just off the River Thames.  She came over bearing their gift, reached into her bag and whupped out her spotted dick.



This map of Douglas County was platted in 1920.  I was able to locate my property, fifteen years before the Twin Rivers Homestead development.20161223_091138_hdr






*April 11, 2014, detailing Rawhide Creek and how it got its name.