Big tips of the sombrero this morning to one of our presenting sponsors, Stodden Physical Therapy.  Mike and his staff of professionals are a key part of Nebraska Run Guru Elite as well as the Elkhorn, Gretna, and Omaha metropolitan area.  Amber Sargent, Drew Prescott, and Kevin Joerger have all benefited from Stodden’s attention to each athlete’s specific needs.  Our 2nd overall Team at Living History Farms would not have been possible without him, look for us to be healthy and In It To Win It in 2016!  Mike has recently added Functional Dry Needling to his bag of fix its.

From Drew:  “Stodden PT helped me out a ton with my Achilles. They put in the time to understand my injury and then provided strengthening exercises to work on each day. They also used the ultrasound which was helpful in recovery”

Kevin adds:  “They have a wide set of training and tools, and they look at your issue from every perspective to determine the best treatment for you. I came in with what I thought was a hip flexor strain, and Mike found the underlying issue was my misaligned hips. He gave me stretches and exercises to strengthen and realign them, and monitored my return to running on the Alter-G. Additionally, he found a knot in my hip which he was able to treat with Dry Needling. I’d never had this treatment before, and was amazed at how effective it was. The thin needle was completely painless, and relief was almost immediate. Within 1 day my pain was gone and my range of motion significantly increased.”



Get back to your personal best by calling Stodden Physical Therapy today!