The Nebraska Association Junior Olympics were Saturday.  Happy to report that my boys Sam and Jackson both advanced and will be making the trip to the Region 8 Champs.  Happier to report the competition has never been more fierce in the 14/15 year old 1500 and 3000.  In 2001 the Cornhusker Flyers owned the world.  The Nebraska Track Club out of Malcom, Club 402 from Omaha, and Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc. out of little old Waterloo, now battling it out for the top spot.

Linda and I took a day trip from Duluth to The Apostle Islands on the upper tip of Wisconsin.  Lunch at The Fat Radish.  Local gardeners bring their fare to the front door in the morning, and its featured on the menu that day.  That’s what I’m talking about!  Beautiful country all around the state’s Lake Superior North Shore.

Cut our trip short due to the storms.  No power, freezers full of food, generator in the garage, trees down.  Phone calls and texts inquiring as to our safety.  9 hours on the chainsaw yesterday and another 3 carrying the pine and cottonwood to the burn pile, flowering pear to the hardwood pile to be split for winter, 2019.

You really find out who your friends are when you are potentially down.  Thank you Jimmie and Mandy Sue Doherty.  We love you like our own kids.  Thanks neighbor Dave for the constant contact.  And neighbor Josh for the same.  And to old Carl for the use of his wagon, cutting my hauling chores by 75%.  And to Bill Weeks for making a couple trips just to keep an eye on things.  And to those that reached out personally.

Thanks friends.


The Sea Caves at The Apostle Islands.  You can either hike or kayak, amazing views.  Spiritual, the perfect place to contemplate compassion and your fellow man.