As nicely as I can possibly put it, the constant banter about Boston (and marathoning in general) being all about the journey just isn’t/wasn’t my way.  It was always and shall remain about the race itself.

If “the journey” means the training necessary to get there, that is only half.  The race being the remainder and without the other each is meaningless.  Matters not how fast you complete the distance.  What is most important is that you lay it all completely on the line.  Run as fast as you possibly can for as long as you possibly can, and then hold to the finish.

You had to run under 2:50 to qualify for Boston in my time.  And I hit that mark many years.  But only once did I feel I could give the race of my life to the storied event.  1996, the 100th Boston.  My only Boston.  I gave it everything I had, going for a personal best and nothing less.

You’ll see all manner of runners on Boylston St.  today, running for a thousand different reasons.  And if you’re lucky you’ll see those that are willing to die on the course for their own personal pursuits.  Run today like its your last.  Make it meaningful.  Screw the journey, make it the Race of your Life.