Juan Carlos Trujillo (born July 17, 1985, USA) is an IAAF distance runner who has represented both the USA and Guatemala on the international athletics stage. Trujillo has Guatemalan citizenship by descent and American citizenship by birth.  I’ve known Juan for a long time.

Juan ran the 2016 Rio Olympic Marathon for Guatelmala, in 2:20:24.   He is attempting to run under the Guatemalan national record of 2:12:59 at Valley 7 Lakes Marathon.  Towards that effort I have been reaching out to my colleagues and contacts across the United States.  First order of business is to enlist those capable of assisting such an ambitious time.  Pacers.

Being as nice as I can possibly be here.

My peers across the United States understand and support our efforts to create “America’s  Marathon”.  Nary a chuckle.  Decades of experience and dedication to our top U.S. runners means something to them.  We are grateful for that.

Pacers.  Key to the effort.  And a very hot topicValley 7 Lakes Marathon is excited to demonstrate how best to utilize resources to assist national class athletes in their pursuit of goals and personal bests.   A couple of 1:03-1:04 fellas taking it through the half.  And an incentivized athlete that will accrue bonuses for each kilometer held at pace through 20  miles.

We are also happy to announce the addition of Sam Doud (31:21, 2:19:52) of the Georgetown Running Club.  Sam is known as the “Terror  of the Towpath” for his prodigious mileage (140 last week.)

More athletes next week!

Why are these athletes choosing to run Valley 7 Lakes?  The question should be,  why aren’t you running Valley 7 Lakes?    World Class Race, Small Town Charm.

This is how we do it

Terror of the Towpath!