Or a bonus pea if you will.

Not so very long ago it was revealed to me that Linda and I were two peas in a pod.  And Jed makes three.

Ensconced is what we are.  My view of the world crisp and pristine, blue skies and snowy earth.  Cold as the dickens.  But warm on the inside.  Judicious use of the too quickly dwindling wood pile, did I really think it would last two winters?

The Bar None trio hunkered down in front of the stove.  Me with my books, Linda with her crafts, and Jed with his soulful eyes full of delighted obedience.

Occurred to me this morning that I should offer Jason Zakaras a primer.  It has taken us a couple of years to put together what I would call a must have short list for acreage living.
1.  Tractor.  Either a Ford 8N or 9N.  Available, reliable, easily maintained, old as I am.  We don’t have one yet but my dad has a 1953 Jubilee Edition 8N just waiting for me in OK.
2.  Snow Thrower.  Two stage, 28″ clearing path, electric start.
3.  Generator.  Minimum 8000 watt starting and 6500 watt running.
4. Wood Burning Stove.  Helps to have a sweet friend that works at Lumberman’s (thanks Mandy!).  Blower attachment a must.
5. Chain Saw.  The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
6. Dog.  Any type of hound is acceptable.
7. Tiller
8. Horizontal freezer.
9. Guns.
10. Spring seed catalogs

The Hair of the Dog Run will not be contested this year.  Thanks to everyone that has supported the event in the past.

Thanks to Dynamic Physical Therapy, for continued sponsorship!  Stop in and let Andy get you squared away for your spring training cycle.

If you are interested in making a donation to Nebraska Run Guru Elite, we are always in need of funding assistance to our runners.  How about considering “sponsoring” one of our members into a race?  We’ll give some shout outs and swag to anyone interested.