Wow!  I did a survey of salary ranges for Executive Directors of Nebraska Not For Profits.  Average is $50,000.

Wait a minute!  You mean I’ve been doing this the last fifteen years for free?

How do I monetize my efforts?  More importantly, how would others monetize my efforts?

My only payment, the development of the athletes I work with, the progress of the program I founded.

I made a point to our club president recently.  Outside of my USATF Level  I coaching certification fee and annual renewal of USATF membership I have never spent a penny on myself from the sponsorships I’ve developed and secured, whether with Team Nebraska or Nebraska Run Guru Elite.  In over 15 years of service.

Not a penny for my vision and labours.    Would you do this?  Why or why not?

Linda and I hosted our first annual Bar None Holiday Market this past Sunday.  Big thanks to everyone that came out and supported us.


Better part of a day spent managing our USATF XC Champs and representing our club at the USATF LDR meeting.   For the love of the sport.