July 22, 1978- Strait of Gibraltar, fantail of the USS Concord.  Running laps, wondering why.  Something drawing me out in the salty night air to test my legs.  Twenty years old, on the other side of the world.

January 1, 1980- Deer Park, TX, Red Bluff Road.  Running miles now, NIKE waffle trainers.  Ronald Regan, #40, last Great Republican.

January 15, 1983- Marathon debut, Houston, 3:11:11.

August 13, 1983-  Channel Industries Sports Association 5K.  Alan Shepard sponsors my first road race directing gig.  Moon guy.  Clear Lake City.  NASA.  Billie Jean Was Not My Lover.

May 23, 1991- Jenny Lisy 7th, 3200,  Illinois State Track & Field Championships.  School record.  College scholarship.  First coaching gig.

That’s a good enough start to get my point across.  If you have not checked my full vita I invite your inspection, http://rungurusays.com/the-run-guru/

Today’s gist is longevity.  I hope each of you makes it to the point of almost disbelief, “Can it really have been that long?”

Yes, it is all about the journey after all.  The friends, colleagues, peers, athletes, competitors, rivals, enemies.   Some have fluxed through multiple categories.  It is a rare thing to know what motivates any particular individual.

Linda’s dear departed and much respected dad Coach Kunasek was fond of saying “I’ve seen that before.”  Nothing really surprised him.  I’m down with that.  I’ve seen just about everything in running.  Fully expect to have my eyebrows occasionally raised though, life is like that.

Age gives depth of perspective, amassed experience, knowledge.

What prompts today’s retrospect?  The Future.  Working with young Madison, 8 years old, her potential, her future.  Seeing excellence that reminds me of every single USA national class female I’ve worked with.