I ran 16 x 200 this morning.  I had some target times that were geared toward 5K racing.  I was too fast on all but a couple, not surprising given the seemingly pedestrian paces.  But that was the point of the workout.  To run just a bit quicker than race pace for brief spurts, totalling 2 miles at speed.  We’ve got a 200m stretch at the dojo that I prefer over the oval and temps in the 60s were well received.  It has been a blast rekindling the fast twitch fibers and I’m really looking forward to some speedy (relative of course) racing this summer/fall. 

I heard several people grumbling over the weekend about their failed wrist magic devices.  Something about the weather or the full moon or gamma rays.  Last week at the track we had a confounded runner describing heart rate, average per mile pace, barometric pressure, elevations, and a movie review from her fancy watch but couldn’t figure out a 1/4 mile split.    My advice was to toss the darned thing and get a cheap watch from any megabox store.

Had a good run with our newest mate Lee Anderson yesterday.  Good kid that continues the Wayne State tradition, thanks Coach Brinker.  Andrea Rich has finally met her match in enthusiasm for country music.  Lee may end up in Nashville as a musician and I’ve already written his guaranteed#1  heartbreaker. 

Hope to have the HO back up later today, thanks for checking in while our technical difficulties are resolved.