I enjoy occasionally popping over to NDORFNZ and checking in on who is training for what and how.  The impact Jim McLatchie has had on Nebraska training is unquestionable.  Its everywhere.  I’ve used the McLatchie method for over 10 years and recognize it blindfolded with half my brain tied behind my back.  Ten times one minute with one minute recovery, that’s where it all started and still starts.  I shared it freely with hundreds over the years, and now see that it lives on through so many others.   Good.

Going to borrow some stats Charles Smith provided over on the runDown.  Marathon rankings, he does it with much more finesse than I used to (he doesn’t beat people over the head with it).  I will point out that Nebraska Run Guru Elite has achieved the fastest Open Male and Masters Male marathons for the year.  Surprised?

My .02 is that Jim McLatchie has influenced, through the ripple effect, a large % of competitive runners in Nebraska these days.

My other .02 is that if we are all giddy about men running sub 3 hours we still have a hell of a long way to go.

****Club associations added by me because they should be part of the list, uh oh, here I go again.

Thanks to Charles for the following:

“Last year there were 52 sub3 marathons, this year there are already 39.

There are 5 people who have 2 sub3 marathons in 2014. (Cameron Cummings, Chad Sellers, Kaci Lickteig, Matt Dorsey, and Tim McCargill). McCargill’s marathons are 8 seconds apart. Lickteig’s are 9 seconds apart.

The fastest female marathon last year was 2:50:49 (Megan Zavorka). The fastest female marathon this year is also 2:50:49 (Lickteig)

James McGown has the fastest Masters marathon this year, and the fastest since ___? (researching)

The top Masters marathon last year was 2:53 (Joe Chamberlain). There are already two Master’s times faster this year (McGown, Tim Larsen).

Cameron Cummings has since moved from Nebraska, making Jason Zakaras the current fastest Nebraska marathoner.

Tom Nichols (2:32:25) is from Parker, Colorodo, not Nebraska.

The Lincoln Marathon has the most sub3s (16), followed by the Boston Marathon (10) and Grandma’s Marathon (6).

Name Sex Age City State Time Race Date
1 Cameron Cummings M 32 Omaha NE 2:31:01 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014*****NRGE
2 Jason Zakaras M 31 Omaha NE 2:34:13 Grandma’s Marathon 6/21/2014**LRC
3 Cameron Cummings M 32 Omaha NE 2:34:48 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014******NRGE
4 Justin Mollak M 29 Omaha NE 2:35:02 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014**TN
5 Chad Sellers M 35 Lincoln NE 2:35:31 Grandma’s Marathon 6/21/2014**LRC
6 Neil Wolford M 26 Lincoln NE 2:38:39 Grandma’s Marathon 6/21/2014**LRC
7 Nathan Stack M 29 Lincoln NE 2:40:22 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014**TN
8 York Thomas M 25 Omaha NE 2:40:36 Little Rock Marathon 3/2/2014**TN
9 Ryan Regnier M 38 Lincoln NE 2:41:44 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014**LRC
10 Cory Logsdon M 26 Omaha NE 2:42:45 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014**TN
11 Chad Sellers M 35 Lincoln NE 2:43:03 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014**LRC
12 James McGown M 40 Sidney NE 2:43:44 State Fair Marathon 8/23/2014****NRGE
13 Timothy Leuschen M 32 Omaha NE 2:44:50 Grandma’s Marathon 6/21/2014
14 Jared Carlson M 34 Eagle NE 2:45:38 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014
15 Jerrod Anzalone M 26 Omaha NE 2:45:44 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014****NRGE
16 Walter Key M 32 Bellevue NE 2:46:55 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014*****NRGE
17 Timothy Larsen M 45 Gretna NE 2:47:45 Grandma’s Marathon 6/21/2014
18 Kyle Clouston M 29 Lincoln NE 2:49:34 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014****NRGE
19 Kyle Custer M 27 Alliance NE 2:50:45 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014
20 Kaci Lickteig F 28 Omaha NE 2:50:49 State Fair Marathon 8/23/2014
21 Kaci Lickteig F 27 Omaha NE 2:50:58 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
22 Brian Wandzilak M 33 Lincoln NE 2:51:57 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014**LRC
23 Nathan Jarosik M 37 Edgar NE 2:51:57 State Fair Marathon 8/23/2014
24 Pete Kostelnick M 26 Lincoln NE 2:53:22 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014****NRGE
25 Matt Dorsey M 32 Grand Island NE 2:54:00 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
26 Ross Polking M 37 Omaha NE 2:54:10 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014
27 Scott Haug M 35 Elkhorn NE 2:54:49 Grandma’s Marathon 6/21/2014**NDORFNZ
28 Michael Morrison M 39 Papillion NE 2:54:54 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
29 Megan Thomas F 27 Omaha NE 2:55:12 Little Rock Marathon 3/2/2014**TN
30 Shannon Suing F 36 Lincoln NE 2:55:29 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014**TN
31 Ivan Marsh M 40 Ashland NE 2:56:00 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
32 Charles Smith M 39 Omaha NE 2:56:17 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014**NDORFNZ
33 Eddie C Walters M 21 Omaha NE 2:56:23 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014
34 Nicholas Milewski M 31 Omaha NE 2:58:14 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
35 Shawn Palandri M 37 Omaha NE 2:59:01 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014
36 Bryce Callison M 35 Grand Island NE 2:59:28 Austin Marathon 2/24/2014
37 Matt Dorsey M 33 Grand Island NE 2:59:37 State Fair Marathon 8/23/2014
38 Tim McGargill M 32 Omaha NE 2:59:43 Little Rock Marathon 3/2/2014**TN
39 Tim McGargill M 32 Omaha NE 2:59:51 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014**TN


Jim McLatchie is my original coaching mentor.  I used his program, developed over decades,  with Team Nebraska, beginning in the earliest days, and continue to use it as my primary resource now.  It is nice to see that it lives on but don’t be fooled by others’ proprietary claims.  Jim pictured here with my dearest, sweetest at the 2012 Olympic Trials Marathon in Houston.