No, not the Donald’s hair.  But oh how I am enjoying all the ridiculousness of the 2016 Republican slate.  And as an equal opportunity skeptic, it matters not which clown ultimately fills the Commander In Chief bill, regardless of party affiliation, talking points, or  any other variable.  Before I turned 20 a copy of “NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY” landed in my  lap.  Gary Allen’s  examination of the power elite in Washington shook me into a life long distrust of government doing anything “for the people.”  You can take Will out of the free radicals but you can’t take the free radicals out of Will.

Back to local politics.  DC West Middle  School is a blemish (almost used the words crap hole) built in the 60s.  Last year a large portion of roof collapsed.  Several of the rooms are unavailable this year due to black mold.  Last election the bond issue aimed for repairs failed.  A majority of voters in the district are in the age group where there kids have long passed the halls of education.

Linda is in her 3rd year teaching there so we’ve got a stake.  Our newest students, representing the finest edge of westward expansion (We$t Shores, Mallard Landing, Curti$ Acre$, Valley Shore$, Blue Water) flexing their collective muscle now getting another chance.  The DC West Bond Issue will be voted on Sept.  15th.  In the  meantime district residents have received illegal mailings from the anti bond folks.  Signs have been vandalized.  The old guard is getting nervous.  The best part of ugly politics.

Congratulations to Michael Hajek-Jones.  He recalled that Jared Schurrmans  threw  the discus for me, and only once, at the 2012 USATF Club National Championships at Burke Stadium.  Silvers in both the Shot Put (16.48m) and Discus (57.90m).   Club Champs were my last hurrah as trail boss over my former club.  When the new wranglers took over the sprints and throws and jumps that helped make the team what it was were shelved.  Jared moved to Utah for his opportunities and has made the  most of them.

Interesting to note that the Legal Name, the name chosen when I founded the club is “Nebraska Running Club”.  Doing  business as Team Nebraska.

Molly Huddle.  I first worked with her in Davenport,  IA at BIX, 2009.  I draped the 7  Mile National Champion medal  around her neck.  She was a promising young runner, her AR in the 5000 now testament to hard work and determination.  Poor girl though.  Broke the Cardinal Rule of Racing.  Pulled up instead of running through tape.  Maybe instinct, unavoidable?  The urge to celebrate what seems certain.  Cost her a Bronze 10000 in Beijing.  Emily Infeld,  congratulations on racing the  race of your life, through the line, to nip your teammate.  One of the things that makes me cringe the most in road racing is the “flashing of the guns” either during a race or even worse, nearing the finish.  But the newer, softer me is ok with you if that is your schtick.