The first thing most people are saying around here is “There are those a lot worse off than me.”  There are.  The way this community has rallied together is good for the heart and soul.  The incredible power of the rivers surpassed by the strength of a simple hug.

Hydrostatic pressure.  If you empty your basement too quickly ground water surrounding the deep foundation of a house can collapse walls, buckle floors.  Its all about equilibrium.  I’ve been cautiously pumping mine with a generator, dropping it to levels making retrieval of important items possible.  Hopefully getting the electric panel checked today, been a week without power.   This is my first time in a week on the internet.  The main floor a criss cross of extension cords, the constant drone of the generator now mere background noise.

No electric to the well so we’re shittin in a bucket.  No heat, we can see our breath in the house.  No newspaper, mail, or trash services for the last 8 days.  Eating meals at the local churches.  Humbly accepting supplies and support.  Showering at the Twin Rivers YMCA, my first in a week yesterday.

We are the lucky ones.  We still have each other and our house.

My dear sweet Linda is fine.  Jed and Desi and King and Natalie and all those cluckers in the barn as well.  Counting ourselves fortunate to have them.

Our 2019 market garden business a casualty we have yet to even address.  My spring crops should have been in the field 3 weeks ago.  I  should be starting summer crops right now.  It could be worse.

I’ll try and get back online over the weekend and give some critical updates about the Valley 7 Lakes Marathon.  We are in constant contact with Douglas County and hope to have a decision on the road repairs within the next few days.

In the meantime, give someone a hug.  It might be all the strength that they need.  #ValleyStrong

Our marathon course has been partially devastated.  We will give updates as soon as they come available.