More fun runguru facts!

I’ve been shot at for dancing with the wrong girl.   Outside the Fox Trap in Pasadena, TX in 1979.   And been beaten to a pulp for dancing with another.  Jumped as I left a dance club in Baytown, TX.  Three against one.   Disco was hard on me.

I got into a fight in the Astrodome circa 1983.  I was booing our Astros pitcher for throwing crap and the fella behind me told me to shut up.  Bigger guy used to telling people what to do.  We took it out to the concourse, he grabbed my collar and broke my Mr. T starter kit and Ray Ban Aviators.  The next thing I knew he was in a crumpled heap at my feet,  I really don’t remember how.

I was  beaten at a McDonald’s in Houston, circa 1987.  Westheimer Arts Festival.  Huge crowds, few porta potties.  Long queues of bladders full of beer.  A couple ladies ask me to watch the door to the men’s  room in MickieDs.  No one in that line and 20 in the women’s.  “Sure.”  In a moment, guy walks up, I tell him there are a couple of women in there and they’ll be right out.  He tells me he isn’t waiting on any ******* ***** to use the bathroom.  I tell him he has to.  He tells me ‘I can’t believe you are going to take a beating for those ******* *****”  And then he breaks my nose.  And beats it out of the door, he never did get to piss, ha!

I wrecked a brand new 1972 Ford Maverick when I was fifteen.  Not a good driver, worse after a few pulls from the bottle of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill.  Farm roads north of Atwood,  IL.  My buddy John (his dad’s car) and Jeralyn in the back seat.  Fast approaching a T in the road, oblivious.  We hit the ditch and the car flipped and rolled.  John’s broken back the only injury.  I remained grounded throughout that summer, fortunate to be alive.

As a young guru we played mumbly peg.  I’ve explained the game to some, not sure they believe it was real.  It was not the most dangerous game we played.

Howard and Butch Franz were brothers in my hometown.  Howard was the best all around athlete in 9 counties.  Talk of the decathlon and Olympics.  Our favorite water hole was the Lake Fork River.  The railroad trestle spanning the river the scene of many youthful adventures.  Including diving  when the water was high enough.  One day it wasn’t, Howard executed a perfect dive, broke his neck, and never walked again.

I grew up without A/C.  And now choose to live without it.