I once offered a vision to Linda that convinced her I am  crazy.  It was tongue  in cheek but made my point.   “Someday Council Bluffs will be bigger than Omaha.”  Our neighbors to the East far more progressive than we.   Casino money now funding extensive infrastructure improvements, visionary civic projects, redeveloped downtown, and more.

I choose to live in Nebraska.  Grudgingly accept our Deep Red position.

Nebraska.  Remaining conservative as both Iowa and  Colorado enjoy enormous income streams from vices we are fully vested in ourselves.  Y’all like to gamble and smoke a little weed.  Go ahead, admit it!

Why roll the dice with today’s column?  The Ponca Tribe opening the Prairie Flower Casino.   In Carter Lake, Iowa.  Population 3785 encapsulated in 2.02 square miles.  By the force of nature, located If not in the heart, then certainly near the lungs of Omaha proper.   It will be very interesting to see what the future holds for this little burg.

Went to the  DC West track in Valley a couple days ago.  Aiming to break 7 minutes for the mile.   Approached it correctly, opening with a 1:43 first quarter, faltered on the second in 1:49, slowed to 1:52 for the third, rebounded with a 1:48 to close.  7:13.  I’m damn proud of  my effort.  I gave it 100%.  Got to that place physiologically and physcologically that only I can push myself to.  Only me, no applause, no woots, no suits.  Doubt did  creep in, doesn’t it always?  Its how you push through that doubt that makes it Real.  I’ll keep training up and get that sub 7 before my 61st birthday at the end of this month.

Want to bet?