Thanks to those that have been asking for an update.  We have collected $1060 so far and it resides with the donation point, FrontRunIt.  Looking ultimately to get it transferred to the Omaha Running Club in their capacity as a 501 (c)(3) not for profit.  Captain Russ Horine is the Precinct Captain for Zorinksy.  He is on board.  The piece we are waiting for is a representative to be named by the Omaha Parks & Recreation Department.  We can’t move forward until that person is named.  I continue to communicate with and petition Parks representative Tim Carmicheal for a designee.  Red tape, you bet.  End result worth it, you bet.

Congrats to a friend of a friend.  Glen Redpath is a NY Central Park Track Club mate of my mentee Andre.  Glen did the amazing recently finishing 12th overall at the Badwater 135 Ultra in 29 hours, 58 minutes.  Badwater is The Toughest Run in the United States.  Period.

And good luck to my old buddy Jim Garcia who will be running the Vermont 100 miler this weekend.  This is the cat that has run a sub 3 hour marathon for the last 38 years straight, one of the top 60+ runners anywhere.

Final chapter of Pancho Villa:
“What, in the long run, had Pancho Villa contributed to this achievement?  And were the gains, for the poor of Mexico, enough to justify the thousands of deaths that resulted from the strife between Villa and the other Revolutionary leaders?

Who can judge?  There is no scales that can weigh the good and bad of that giant of a man.  His unbridled acts of love and hate, of generosity and vengefulness, were all out-sized–a part, perhaps, of the time and place in which he lived.  His tragedy was that having helped make a revolution, he could not help solve it.  He had shared in the destruction of an old way of life; he did not know how to build a new one.

But no one whose life he had ever touched, however briefly, would ever forget him: the excitement in those extraordinary amber colored eyes; the bowed legs and the powerful body; the wide, sudden grin, crinkling the windburned face.  ‘But when you met him,’ young men would ask the old ones, in years to come, ‘what was it like?  How did you feel?’

‘How did I feel?’  Old men would pause, remembering.  ‘I liked him.  That was how I felt.  I liked him.'”