In my lifetime, the Cubs have won the National League Pennant!  Four more.

Pete finishes up his transcontinental adventure today, a full 3 days ahead of the existing world record.  Not much hasn’t already been said.  I heard from my old  buddy Dave (RD, Boston Marathon) on Friday, he was excited to be running with Pete yesterday.  I’ll just say again how proud and lucky we are to have him as part of NRGE, Inc.

Congratulations to Seth Hirsch (SR Millard West) and Mazie Larsen (JR Gretna) on their all class golds this weekend.  Dominating their respective classes, Seth’s final romp, Mazie another year to go.  15:04 and 18:32 the fastest times I’ve seen from Kearney.  Next year’s race should be a doozy with a bunch of hungry lads no longer having to take hind at the state table.  The potential on the girls side seemingly endless led by Larsen and this year’s surprise of the meet Rylee Rice (FR Ainsworth, way out there off the Cowboy Trail) in 18:34 for 2nd best time of the day.

Congrats  to Coach Colin Johnston on his Class A team sweep.  And a special tip of the sombrero to Coach Sean McMahon and his Fremont harriers, only two points back on the fella’s side.  Class C girls top 3 SO, FR, FR.  Class D boys SR, SR, SR.  Class D girls had but 1 SR represented on the top 5 scoring teams combined.   My namesake Jack (JR, Ollagala) finished a fine 10th boy in Class C.

Bryan Health Capital City Classic (whew!).  New name and apparently a new race.  The race formerly known as the Governor’s Cup has new life and better support by the local competitive community.  Sorry we missed this one.  In 2015 top 3 men were 52:32, 57:31, and 58:08.  This year, Trevor Vidlak’s 52:12, and 52:39, 52:59.    But it was the 5K I am conjuring images of, seems to have been the local race of the weekend.  Matt Tebo in 15:31, Peter Falcon in 15:32, Johnny Rutford in 15:36, Nolan Border in 15:41, Joe Coil in 16:21 and Colin Morrissey 16:37 all ripe and ready.  Best performance of the day in Lincoln by Jessica Tebo taking 9th o/a in a wake up call to every other female in Nebraska 16:48.

And finally the Goatz 50K at Lake Cunningham yesterday.  Can’t find results but Kaci gets the course record in 3:45:46.   Our Jeremy Morris and David Frost repping as well as Cory Logsdon and Tim Langdon and Tim McGargill from Trail Nebraska.



“Time for this one to come home!”  Tooter Turtle, that reptilian rapscallion!  Galavanting through all kinds of historical mis-adventures, searching his destiny.  Ultimately and always calling out various precarious predicament to mentor Mr. Wizard the Lizard.

The wizened wizard always rescued our hapless, helpless Tooter.  And always parted with the same message.

“Be just what you is, not what you is not.  Folks what do this has the happiest lot.”





Criss Cross Apple Sauce.  Linda and I like to read to each other.  A lot.  She recited the top qualifiers for this Friday’s Nebraska State XC Champs.  Muy interesante!

Class A boys, Millard West’s Seth Hirsch’s 15:02 puts him head and shoulders above.  Class B boys, Jackson Larsen, Omaha Gross- 16:02.24.  Class C boys, Aidan Wheelock of Minden (16:47).  In Class C-4  is my personal favorite , Jack Lindgren of Ogallala (17:00), we’ve never met but hope to remedy that Friday.  Class D is led by Elijah Frasher of Aquinas in 16:33.  All class gold goes to young master Hirsch.

The girls are bunched considerably closer.  Top Class A are Taylor Sommers of Millard South (19:05), and Anna Jennings of Papio South (19:07).  Class B led by Maize Larsen (Gretna, 18:48) and Whitney Riesen off Scottsbluff (18:54).  Class C’s Christina Soto-Stopak of Boone Central/Newman Grove 19:25 showing the way there.  Class D best represented by Cameron Hucke of Hastings  St. Cecilia state qualifying leader of 18:47.  All class gold should be a real donnybrook between the returning All Class champ (Somers), defending class B champ (Larsen) and my dark horse surprise pick, the altitude trained Riesen.

Looking  forward to getting to know Jack.

Pete is now 5 miles from Pennsylvania and a mere  280 from his destination in NYC.  4 more days until history is re-written.  Run Pete Run!




“When the man comes to you
Tells you what you always knew was coming
You feel it came too fast
You always  thought the world would last way past you
But now you find its  time
’cause there’s nothing left around you
Spaceship Orion’s there waiting to part the air above you”

Readers of a certain vintage will recognize the song title and lyrics.  One of the most personally influential bands of the 70s and 80s for me.  Soothing through a tumultuous childhood.  The Ozark Mountain Daredevils.  I’ve cited them here before (“Chicken Train, Runnin All Day!).

Shawn Love is the founder of the Kansas City Smoke.  USATF Elite Development Club.  Hasn’t rode heard over the Smoke for 8 years, our stories so eerily similar- a top club in the U.S. being co-opted by burgeoning membership with different ideas and agendas.  He’s from Fair Grove, MO, home to the Daredevils, they’re old friends with him.  So when Shawn invited me down for perhaps their final appearance I just couldn’t resist.

Linda and I made the 500 mile drive to Shell Knob, MO on Friday.  I drove the entire way.  Got to our Cabin (The Green Cocoon), Linda  pulls it up 4 feet and locks the keys in the Jeep!  Inauspicious start that got tremendously better.

A day trip to  Eureka Springs, AR on Saturday.  Reminiscent of Manitou Springs, CO.  Hip without all the Branson fluff and stuff.  Folk Festival on the main downtown stage.  Fascinating architecture, friendly people.

Snapped out of slumber Saturday night by big footfalls on our deck,  the rummage of trash cans.  El oso negro!  Black bear!  Not unusual in the middle of the Mark Twain National Forest.

But the highlight of the whirlwind weekend was the VIP treatment Shawn bestowed on Linda and me.  One on one, meet and greet time with the Daredevils.  Front row seats in the tiny Fair Grove gymnasium.  An autographed guitar being raffled off, my favorite number 12 the amount of tickets I bought ($10!).

After the show a member of the audience called up, hand into hat, winner extracted.  Me!

Back at the  Bar None by 9:30 yesterday morning, pulling depleted pepper plants.  Market now over, only a pick or two left for the restaurants.  Quilted schematics already developing for next year’s crops.  This week I’m putting in 400 garlic plants, feet on the ground, face to the sky.

Spaceship Orion’s there, waiting to part the air above me.




Shawn Love, Founder Kansas City  Smoke.  Me, Founder Team Nebraska, Founder Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc.  Two old warriors that made/are making a mark nationally in developing post collegiate athletes.


Des Moines Marathon.  Top 6 finishers all “C” level Kenyans.  I’ll skip the rest of the commentary on the advice of Linda.

Kansas City Marathon.  Chuck Teater wins in maybe the fastest Midwest marathon in recent memory, 2:10:19.  Second overall 2:43:26.  I’ll skip the rest of the commentary on the advice of Linda.

Nebraska Marathon.  Our mate Coralie winning her age group and 17th overall in her 26.2 debut.  I’ll skip the commentary on the rest of the race at the advice of Linda.

Dogwood Canyon 50K in Lampe, MO.  Nate Hay in 4:58;44 and Christy Swearingen in 5:22:04 take the wins on some hellacious hills.  Good to meet some of you Trail Nerds, looking forward to seeing you all again at Ni-Bthaska-Ke!

Every swinging Johnson across the Midwest has heard about our mate Pete.  I drove over 1000 miles since last Friday’s liberal post and didn’t meet a runner that wasn’t pulling  for him (followed closely by “So you’re the runguru”).  His support vehicle completely totaled over the weekend, Pete and crew unscathed thank the gods.  Our Jeremy Morris and everyone’s Kaci Lickteig also shining fame across MO and beyond, the work of these ultra kids making a (new) name for Nebraska.





Jeff Bass was a janitor at U.S. Industrial in Pasadena, TX.  I was a first year non degreed lab technician back in 1979.  He was in his 70s at the time and nearing retirement.  Full of  lessons that only a black man growing up and living during the 20th Century could speak to.

One of his favorite “Bassisms” was “Lips is Lips”.  Maybe Jeff had been a friend or advisor to Donald Trump at some point?

Another of his classics has even deeper meaning.  In my  early 20s I  giggled not understanding the depth of his mores.

“It don’t get hard, but it sho do get heavy”.

Jeff Bass was talking about life.  His optimism now clear to me.  No matter how  burdensome the load, it is never too much.  If you really love life, have the gusto for every day, are committed to your goals and passions and ideals, the load is never too heavy.

Flip a coin.  Nebraska Marathon this Sunday?   New York City  November 6th?   California International on December 4th.

Come on Nebraska!  Citing and thanking my reference Chuck Smith who declares there are a grand total of 29 sub 3 hour marathons for our state in 2016, only 3 this fall.  There were 49 in 2015.  There were 62 in 2014.

So have you all been banking your marathon skills for Nebraska Marathon?  NYC?  My  guess  is  there will be a strong contingent of variously attired mates toeing the line at CIM.  With 243 feet of elevation gain  and a net drop of 552 feet, it remains the  favorite fall flavor for fast feet looking to set personal bests and Oly Trials qualifiers.

Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc.’s Coralie Eilers will be making her marathon debut at Sunday’s Nebraska Marathon.    Another of our young ladies (she and Bree Adams both in their early 20s) that are earning their distance  chops and I’m just giddy(up!).

Pete is in Indiana now.  Freaking amazing.  Still a couple days ahead of WR pace.

Watched Noah Kunasek rush for 175+ yards, score 3 touchdowns and a pair of 2 point conversions as Burke defeated Omaha North 45-22.  That’s our boy!


Its a business.  Its a blog.  Its a business.  Free to speak my mind, same as it ever was, same as it ever will be.  Talking about running, talking about racing, talking about farm fresh, free range, best organic practices.

I’ve swabbed the deck up top.  2017 Winter Fitness Series, 2017 Valentine’s Day Run, 2017 Ni-Bthaske-Ke Trail Run.

“Run Guru Says” brought to you by Nebraska Run Guru Events, LLC.  And Bar None Produce.

Unfettered and Unbeholdin.   Freedom of Speech!

I told Linda we would never be rich in money, honey.  Our wealth a self sustaining lifestyle.  For three plus years now, nose to the Bar None grindstone.  Converting a foreclosed property into a little slice of  paradise.   Hand holding, at our age for goodness sake, all the while.   Smiles and hungry eyes daily dividends.  Assets in love, bountiful and fulfilling.

Being our own bosses.  Calling our own shots.

But a man does need more than a great woman, a good dog, a good library, and a good wood burning fireplace.

The satisfaction of  Being Your Own Man.

By the Gods I have been able to remain outside the traditionally, gainfully, perpetually, *miserably employed.  Those same Graces bestowing me Captain, allowed to chart My Own waters,  decide My Own crew.  *If you’re that lucky one  that loves what you do, congratulations and welcome to the club!

Linda is the only one that fully understands this about me.  Coach Tully, El Jefe, and Jimmie Doherty come darn close.  The umbrage I take when told what to do, what to say, by another, any other, get it brother?

If you like what you see and read, as always, Welcome Aboard!  If you don’t, I’m wishing you godspeed and good luck in your own seas!

Its a Business.  Its a Blog.  Its a Business.  Mine.






Mounted upon my perch I see

Nebraska running far below me

Preached my sermon a thousand days

Stimulated running in countless ways

Words without passion idly lay

This blog afire every day

A twenty five thousand foot view

Do you think I could single out you?

Among all this running and writing

This Nebraska ship I’ve labored toward righting

Elitist!  Elitist!  I’m hearing the cries

Its true!  Its true! I no longer deny

Someone has to don’t you see

That’s why you turn to me

Please don’t take it personally

Is this conceit you might say?

Depends on you and your day

The fastest to start, only the best

Still needing two final tests

How far does your potential reach?

And how do you feel about free speech?









Well played indeed!  I’ve got Real Racing to report on but first of all I’m giving a big tip of  the hat to  you, you know who you are.  I’m really impressed this time, the way that rug was so slickly pulled out  from under me.  Able to keep it on the QT until it was too late for me to do anything about it.

You got me the very first M2M.  I was away in Rio with the USA World Championships Half Marathon  team.  When looking at the  results from the  Southern Hemisphere I was shocked and upset to see my mates representing another club.

You got me again around 2010,  convincing my top woman that it would be okay to  run in another kit for Nebraska’s favorite novelty race.

But Saturday trumped it all.  Completely blindsided and hurt to the bone, your finest chicanery to date.  Enjoy your coffee this morning.

I, principled, maintain my position.  No exceptions.

Now to the Real Racing.   What happened to all the great Nebraska marathoners?   In last week’s column “THE CRUCIBLE” I called on Nebraskans to test themselves against the very best at Twin Cities and Chicago Marathons.  NRGE’s Bree Adams made good in her 2nd marathon in 3:19 at Chicago.  No other Nebraskans.  A couple of masters females at Twin Cities.  That’s all folks.  Seriously.

Jeff Gregg earned a belt buckle from one of the toughest 100 milers in America, The  Grindstone 100.

So the only mano a mano, In It To Win It, was left to the streets of Omaha.   Based on the television and newspaper coverage I’m renaming it “March for the Cure”.  Not a single shot of the leaders, not a single result in the newspaper.  Even the official results are messed up, listing  15 year old Brittany Bradfield as 2nd overall in 15:25.  Sure looked like Luka Thor in that Team Nebraska singlet.  Again, how in the world do you use our sport, call your event a “Race” and not give a single pica or pixel to the front of the pack?

Passing of the torch.  My buddy and Team Nebraska’s best, Luka Thor, finally got to line up against NRGE’s best.  Grant’s 14:38 on a USATF Certified course the fastest such 5K in my 15 years here in Nebraska, maybe ever.  If you know of anyone that has run faster on a certified course, at any time in Nebraska, I’d appreciate the correction.  Luka was next in 15:25, Joe Coil of LRC Racing third in 16:03 and NRGE’s Drew Prescott 4th, matching my lifetime personal best in 16:19.


Nothing but cones behind Grant, Linda lustily cheering her mate to victory.


Darn proud of these fine young men,  unwavering allegiance.