Got to catch the Houston Half & Full on the Longhorn Network.  Amazing finish in the men’s half with both Leonard Korir (USA) and Gemechu of Ethiopia clocking 1:01:14.  With 3 more Ethiopians next all under 1:02.  Then 3 Kenyans and an Eritrean.  Korir sporting the US Army kit, a US citizen period.

Fire whomever the hell that was doing the post race interviews.  Women’s  winner Wanjiru of Kenya joining announcer and Korir on the podium to receive their commemorative belt buckles.  Pundit announces a “Kenyan Sweep” of the top spots.


Jordan Hasay made her half marathon debut a dazzler (splits of 5K @ 16:16 and 10K @ 32:30, 48:46 @ 15K and 1:05:09 20K) en route to 1:08:40.  Photo courtesy of my old buddy Doug Storey

Nebraska Trail Run returning champ Pat Rizzo clocked 1:09:43 for 57th overall.

Fifty year old Sean Wade kicked every other old butt in the  race with a fine 1:12:21.  “The Wade Standard”, I’ll be handing out little Kiwi badges to any and every able bodied Nebraskan, despite their age, that bests Sean’s time at the 2017 Lincoln Half.  Not many.  I’ll throw in a “Hasay Premium” if any of our fellas outrun this young lady’s time.  Hardly any.

The Holiday Inn Invitational was also this past weekend.  NRGE’s Brandon Wissing (8th, 4:25) ran the mile, Team Nebraska’s Cory Logsdon (10th, 15:34) in the 5000 and Colin Morrissey (4th, 8:39.67) in the 3000.

Craig Christians had 70 runners/walkers at No  Frills.

McLatchie.  This time not Jim, but his wife Carol.  Selected as the Oregon XC Girls Coach of the Year.  The same honor bestowed on Ron Haden and Tony Sigler of Aurora, NE.  And for the boy’s Colin Johnston of Millard West.  Fine work recognized at the highest levels.


Ah Will Forte!  Showing how to have things Two Ways!


The Houston Marathon turns 45 on Sunday.  The most important marathon in the country in January.  Twelve years ago I used my bully pulpit as WLDR National Champs Chair to advocate for our Nebraska athletes.  Insisted ALL of our USA Road Championships host a Club component if they wanted the Open Championships.  And offer Athlete Development funding for those meeting appropriate standards.   The birth of our USA Elite Development Club program.  Sprung from the loins of this haggard old man out in Waterloo,  executed with the support of Nancy Sutton Moss.  We were a fierce combination that did/have done more for elite level running in Nebraska than any other(s).   Putting our lads and lasses into races that would push their limits and (re)write the Nebraska record books.  Inspiring generations to come.  It was worth every bit of heat I took.

This year no fewer than 3 returning champs among the 13 Olympians.  Galen Rupp was slated to run but pulled out at the last minute with plantar’s.  Or could it maybe have had something to do with Sketchers athlete and “voiceterous”* AlSal critic Kara Goucher being brought in to do color commentary.  Politics, breaking the Pollyannaish notion that athletes at this level “Just Want To Run.”
*voiceterous, Linda’s most darling contribution to RGS lexicon


Top 25
 1 Dan Browne, OR            1:03:56
 2 Matt Gabrielson, MN       1:04:06
 3 Jason Lehmkuhle, MN       1:04:08
 4 Chris Graff, VA           1:04:17
 5 Matt Lane, CA             1:04:18
 6 Justin Young, CO          1:04:36
 7 Peter De La Cerda, CO     1:04:48
 8 Mike Morgan, NE           1:04:48
 9 Peter Gilmore, CA         1:05:12
10 Abderazzak Haki, NM       1:06:08
11 Sean Nesbitt, CO          1:06:16
12 Mark Stenbeck, CO         1:06:17
13 Christopher Lundstrom, CA 1:06:18
14 Aaron Carrizales, CO      1:06:24
15 Brantley Lutz, NM         1:06:45
16 Greg Mitchell, CO         1:06:52
17 Scott Strand, AL          1:06:59
18 Fred Kieser, OH           1:07:36
19 James McGown, NE          1:08:28
20 Sean Birren, TX           1:08:30
21 Matt Dressel, OR          1:08:44
22 Craig Vanderoef, WA       1:10:17
23 Matt Gerard, NE           1:11:01
24 Scott Winnier, FL         1:12:29
25 Will Lindgren, NE         1:28:56

Team Results
 1 Team Nebraska (NE)         5:53:37
     8 Mike Morgan, NE        1:04:48
    14 Aaron Carrizales, CO   1:06:24
    19 James McGown, NE       1:08:28
    23 Matt Gerard, NE        1:11:01
    25 Will Lindgren, NE      1:28:56


Well folks, better bubble wrap your bananas if you are planning on traveling down to Nebraska  City for the 5-ish.

Coldest race of my life happened in Spokane of all places.  Cold as the dickens, windy, snow blowing, they had to plow the course for it to be passable.  The 2008 USA Club Cross Country Championships.  These cats froze their juevos off too, on the biggest stage.

26.  731 Team Nebraska Brooks 2:54:04
Finish, Name,  Age, Pace, Time
71.  Levi ASHLEY,  25,  5:22.1,  33:23
130.  James MCGOWN, 34 5:31.5, 34:22
162.  Paul WILSON,  27,  5:38.5, 35:06
183.  Tom NICHOLS,  26,  5:43.3,  35:35
185. Brian WANDZILAK,  28,  5:43.7,  35:38
190.  John NICHOLS,  26,  5:45.8,  35:51
229.  Ben SANDY,  33,  6:06.1, 37:57

And in the Men’s Masters 10K Age Groups
28. Craig CHRISTIANS,  47,  TEAM NEBRASKA BROOKS, 38:50.04,  6:25.0
41. Will LINDGREN,  51,  TEAM NEBRASKA BROOKS,  45:20.16,  7:27.7


Yesterday I mentioned continuing education as a hallmark of Best Coaching practices.  Another totem I insist on:  Never expect an athlete to do something I have not done.  You best describe something only if you experience it.

With that I’m offering you a totally chilling experience I had last Friday.  And, I’ll never dunk my boys in an ice bath again!

There is a lot of science behind whole body cryotherapy.  Several benefits to be had primary to athletes.  Topping the list is the increase in anti-inflammatory cytokines, and release of norepinephrine, that feel good hormone and neurotransmitter.  Improved recovery from difficult workouts and accelerated recovery from injury.  Which means better athletic performance for you!  It is also beneficial for pain management, fibromyalgia, arthritis and mood enhancement.

How do I know?


West Omaha Cryotherapy owner Matt Carney was kind enough to give me a tour of his new facility located at 302 N. 168th Circle, Suite 201 at Village Pointe in Omaha.  I have been aware of the benefits of Whole  Body Cryotherapy for several years, one of the cutting edge modalities for our Olympic level athletes.   Now offered to you right here in Omaha.


I’m at -231 degrees at one minute and 13 seconds into the session.  The gasiform nitrogen cools the surrounding air to -266 degrees F, lowering skin temps to 32 degrees F.  Stimulating the beneficial physiological and psychological responses.


And you need not be a Tough Old Rooster like me!  My gentle flower Linda also emerged exhilarated!   I personally experienced a euphoria the rest of the afternoon and felt raring to go Saturday morning.  Our NRGE athletes  have successfully used cryotherapy as recovery,  it can help you too!

Appointments and walk ins accepted.  402.934.9931 or West Omaha Cryotherapy  Discount packages available!



Are you sufficiently lathered about getting into Lincoln?  If not, better get your butt in gear!  Of course that depends on your personal goals, but if you are after a personal best, you’ve been gently stretching your comfort zone for at least the last 4 weeks.  Base building, with a purpose.

Subjective of course, but many of the Best Coaches keep a smolder going.  Just so I don’t ruffle any feathers, not All the Best Coaches ascribe to my philosophy, see how nice I can be?

Many if not all Runners don’t need much of a spark to get going.  What they do need is a Coach to help control the  burn.  Someone to guide them, teach them, a guru perhaps?  Or not.

McLatchie Method v. 12.  The Best Coaches  are dynamic.  They’ve worked with hundreds of  athletes.  They know how to communicate (Listen!) and individualize programs based on the athlete.  They are principled in their paradigms.  And they have a Big Bag from which to pull.

Here are the two local marathon coaches whose results I most respect.  Ann Ringlein Christy Nielsen.  Both have done a lot for many.  And I’m going to being watching former DIII National Champion Gary Wasserman and his cohorts closely this spring.  Hoping to learn something.  Another hallmark of the Best Coaches.  Continuing Education.


Nicole Norris (20:24) of Lincoln, and Jackie Freeman (21:04) of Bloomfield were both pleased with personal bests at Saturday’s Rust  Buster.  Getting incrementally faster by design, McLatchie v. 12.  I’ll judge my spring’s efforts by their successes.  Can’t wait to see how you do  with yours!







Our Rust Buster 5K on Saturday was well attended with 22 finishers.  Doesn’t sound like much but beats the 3 or 4 we had in 2016.   Check this morning’s OWH sports page to clip results.

Jay Welp’s 16:47 for the win, signaling 6 months off with hip issues are in the past.  The fastest  time of the new year until bested on a USATF Certified course.  Which should be in just a couple weeks.  Jay’s NRGE, Inc. mate Nicole Norris of Lincoln took the women’s  title in 20:24.

Whether those that were challenging themselves to their very first 5K or going for the win like Jay and Nicole.   Darn proud of you all!  A great closed loop course for those wanting to run their very first 5K or test their current fitness.  Runners from Bloomfield and Lincoln and Springfield and Omaha and Yutan and Waterloo and Council Bluffs and Underwood, IA and Coon Rapids, MN, and Centralia, WA.

Runners from two  Nebraska USATF Clubs, NRGE, Inc and Club 402.  We appreciate everyone that helped kick off the official competitive season of 2017.

Nicole and 2nd place female Jackie Freeman (NRGE, 21:04, a personal best by a minute and a half!), our Good Mates, showing that they are very serious about this whole Boston/Lincoln/Grandma’s thing.  Being coached up by my dear sweet Linda.  Willing to race, understanding the importance of being outside their comfort zone, against competition, on a legitimate course, in January.  I couldn’t be more proud of them both.  And the rest of our mates!

We invite all Runners and Racers to challenge themselves and each other at the Full Wolf Moon 5K on January 21st.

Rust Buster Results
1. Jay Welp 16:47 Omaha- NRGE, Inc.
2. Tin Nguyen 17:10 Omaha-
3. Mike Bickley 18:19 Omaha- Club 402
4. Tim Fry 19:00 Omaha- Club 402
5. Todd Nott 19:29 Plattsmouth- Team Nebraska- Ultra runner extraordinaire
6. Tristan Nelson 20:21 Waterloo- NRGE, Inc.- 19 years old, debut, shoe came off
7. Nicole Norris 20:24 Lincoln- NRGE, Inc  Personal Best!
8. Jackie Freeman 21:04 Bloomfield- NRGE Inc. Huge personal best!
9. Eric Smith 22:36 Valparaiso
10. Chad Lunders 22:47 Lincoln
11. Mike Reilly 22:58 Omaha NRGE Inc. -The comeback starts here!
12. Evan Vaslow 24:00 Omaha
13. Dave McNair 25:24 Springfield
14, Jackson Taylor 25:54 Omaha (1st ever 5K!!!!!!!!)
15. Trevor Harlow 26:23 Waterloo
16. Ali McCabe 30:52 Omaha
17. Megan Hall 30:53 Omaha
18. Stephanie Bennett 31:04 Underwood, IA
19. Alice Harlow 31:52 Waterloo, IA
20. Erin Ruminski 32:10 Centralia, Washington
21. Peggy Vaslow 32:24 Omaha
22. Bill Weeks 33:42 Yutan


Runners ages ranged from 13 to 60!  All rewarded with their best official time of the year!






How happy am I that young Seth Hirsch has been selected to represent the good ol US of A at the Great Edinburgh XC International Challenge in Scotland?

For everyone that questioned what the Real purpose of USATF is.  Don’t ask me, ask Seth.  Or Alexa.


Now there’s a title to hang a column on!

Life is living.  Life is dying.   It’s not the numbers on the stone, only the dash between them.  What happens in that little dash is up to you.  What happens in that little dash defines you.  That little dash, whether 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 or 70 or 80 or 90 or 100 years, its all yours.  Do something with it.

There’s the occasional nugget in the Lets Run dot com garbage can.  Of note recently a thread on “parental responsibility  to leave accumulated wealth to offspring.”  0/10 rating on the troll-o-meter.  But thought provoking .  I’m thinking the philosophical divide stems from the self-entitled, I’m owed, I deserve, instant gratification attitudes of today.  Those 20 somethings we are leaving our world to.

No blanket statements here though.  There is plenty of good in today’s youth.   They don’t post on Lets Run.




I think I’m getting a little soft and that’s ok.  Spent a decade and a half hard as nails, necessary for construction.  Those now pounded home, structure solid, character lines and all.

Time is ameliorating me though.

Not the  passing of tick and tock
Not hands on face of clock
Not monthly turn of  calendar page
What then tempers this sage
Years and years and a couple more
Nearly twenty, that’s the score

I’ve made peace with running in Nebraska.  I spent the earliest oughts dismayed and disgruntled, mid to late oughts as revolutionary.   Now in these teens my program has come  of age, my house is built.  USATF Nebraska,  withstood the delivered promise of  “all hell.”   I could easily sit  back on  my laurels.  But no.

What then keeps me in the game?  Here’s some things.

Thing one:  New Talent.  Jackie Freeman.  Nicole Norris.  Coralie  Ehlers.  Tristan Nelson.  Grant Wintheiser.  Jay Welp.  Bree Adams, Brandon Wissing, Drew  Prescott.  These athletes that I work closest with through coaching and advocacy.

Thing two:  Our ultra corps that I have no idea how to train.  Doing things I never imagined.  Going to lengths that only El Jefe can consult and describe.

Thing three:  The prospect of youth.  The certainty that I can develop talent, Sam, Jackson, Noah, Cilas.

Thing four.  And as it turns out, the most important.  The athletes, the friends I’ve made.  Those that have  grown with, challenged, educated and supported me.   And most poignant, those that didn’t understand that now do.

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