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Ah to be young and strong again.  Me hitting 13.1 lo these 15 years ago.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   A prized collector’s item with the signatures of 4 All Time Greats from the Boston Marathon.

                                                                                              Johnny Kelley bobblehead.


While you’re in Boston be sure to swing by Prem-La located at 211 Newberry Street.  Pralhad KC has owned the shop for dozens of years and features “Art of the Himalayan Region”.  My favorite store in Boston and also one of my dearest friends and spiritual advisor.  Tell him Will sent you!  Pralhad will realize his dream of running Boston since moving here from Nepal over 25 years ago. 


Getting phone calls for final words of advice, a lot of nervous nerves over the next 72 hours.  Yes it is OK to break in a new pair of shoes on today’s 3 mile shakeout, knock around the expo for an afternoon in them, and they’ll be ready to roll from Hopkinton.  And no, I wouldn’t try that new triple caffiene gel, stick with what you’ve had success with in training.  Keep yourself reigned in the first mile.  And then keep yourself reigned in the second mile.  If you can do this for the first 18 miles you will be greatly rewarded.  Go out too fast and you’ve lost your chance to be full of running when turning Right on Hereford and Left on Boylston.  No flashing the “guns” when crossing the finish line, you haven’t conquered Boston, you’ve risen to meet its challenge.  Be respectful of this, the most sacred of all marathons.

I’ve run Boston only once, the 100th in 1996.  I come from a different time, when qualifying for Boston was to be held in high esteem.  I reached the coveted sub 2:50 many times but always felt too awed by the event to line up, afraid that any performance would be insufficient for the maginficence of The Boston Marathon.  But ’96 was special as the centennial.  Entrants were assigned race numbers based on their qualifying mark, mine was 2:46:56 good enough for #2552.  My splits were like this: 5K- 19:41, 10K-38:46, 15K-58:18, Half Marathon- 1:22:38, 30K-2:13:20.  The last 12K was particularly rough as the downhills beat my quads to a pulp (living in Houston with no hills to train on).  I ended up walking, and yes sobbing, most of the last 3 miles as person after person raced by.  I ended up running 3:02:40 and I think I was 2547th overall, only 5 spots from my seed. 

Ten years later as part of the Olympic Trials Site Selection Committee that awarded Boston our 2008 Olympic Trials I was put up at the Boston Marriott.  My room # was 2547,same as my finish number.   I got to share this circular tale with the BAA honchos and it was my treat. 

I’m hoping my old buddy Ryan Hall can become the first American in 28 years to win Boston.


Wishing Patriot’s Day good luck and great racing to the following TNB athletes, you can track them with their race number:
Ann Medeiros, #21435-  Ann is running her 3rd Boston and 10th marathon.  She ran her first  in 1993 at age 49 and has been a top age group runner every since.
Haleigh Riggle, #14324- Haleigh is TNB’s youngest member, I’ve got race T-shirts older than her parents.  Coming back from injury and bouyed by the confidence of youth.
Andre Jejeune, #6974- My buddy and training partner back in the 80’s, lives in the Bronx, following the path of the master,  will do well in the 40-44 age group.
Pralad KC, #23792-  I spoke with Pralad at his home in Boston yesterday and he is ready to realize his life long dream of running the Boston Marathon. 

Our TNB Medical Director Bill Weeks is injured but will still make the trip to Boston.  Serendipity that the Road Race Medical Directors are having their annual meeting in conjunction with the marathon, Bill will learn all the latest when it comes to dealing with emergencies during events.

Please do drink plenty of Sam Adams Beer while out east, and enjoy them here at home too!  They had a one time stock offering back in the early 90’s, limited to 33 shares/person, you could purchase for each member of your family.  So not only will you be enjoying America’s finest craft beer, but you can feel good knowing you will be contributing to my retirement.

Greg Meyer, me, & Kevin Hanson.  Greg was the last American to win the Boston Marathon, way back in 1983.  Greg continues in the sport as the Elite Athlete Coordinator for both the Fifth Third River Bank Run 25K  in Grand Rapids and the Crim 10 Miler in Flint, MI.


Andrea Rich is headed to Salt Lake City for this weekend’s marathon.  She made it through the MI4 training program without a single hitch.  I had the pleasure of accompanying her on her long runs, or at least part of them, on every Tuesday.  Got to know her a bit better and now declare she is one of the most coachable athletes I’ve ever worked with.  Her background as a competitive collegiate swimmer gives her a good perspective on receiving and adhering to training input.  It is always easier to work with athletes that come from the structured environs of a college program, whether it be swimming, field hockey, soccer, or running.  While the SLC Marathon is at altitude I still expect Andrea to come back with a big, shiney pr.  Giddyup!

Looking into the first weekend in June our mates have been invited to challenge at the Hospital Hill Half Marathon team competition.  We’ll send our top men and women down to do battle with some of the top teams from the midwest and beyond.  Our women did great last year and this year’s edition will be more competitive than ever.

Joan Samuelson is slated to run Boston this coming Monday.  Is there any better ambassador for marathoning in the U.S.?  She also ran 2:47:50 at Chicago last October to lower her 50-54 age group record.  If you see Joanie in Boston, please pay your respects. 

                 Joanie had her own fan club during the 2008 USA Olympic Trials Marathon in Boston.  She ran 2:49:08 for an American age group record.


Jose is off for the London Marathon today.  We are proud that he has elected to represent Team Nebraska Brooks as he runs the final marathon of his long and successful career.  I won’t be at all surprised if Jose wins an age group award in the 70+ category.  Corre muy rapido amigo!

Capatin Steven Pfau is running the Lincoln Half Marathon backwards to help raise funds and awareness of multiple sclerosis and pancreatic cancer.  For more info:

The Colorado Running Hall of Fame will induct its newest members a week from tonight.  Included in this year’s class is Libbie Hickman.  Libbie was Runner’s World magazine’s top female for 1991, 1998, & 2000.  She ran the 10000 at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and was a multiple time road and track national champion.  Some of my favorite memories of the road racing scene from that era included Libbie making her mark, she is very deserving of this honor.

Post race at the 2008 World Championships Half Marathon in Rio de Janiero.  Me with Stephanie Herbst-Lucke, Melissa White, Jill Swope, Dot McMahon, and Kristin Nicolini.  Our women finished 4th as a team, our highest ever finish at a World Championships Road Race.  Sugarloaf Mountain in the background.


This dude is 80 years old and ran 3:25:43 at the Rotterdam Marathon yesterday, setting a WR for his age group.  7:50 pace, this one will likely last a hundred years.  In the same race Seteng Ayale, age 55, ran an incredible 2:19:32.  Tim Dooling may have some competition.

James McGown reports being healthier than he has been for awhile.  He has been running  100+ mile weeks and a final 21 miler this past weekend as he preps for the Lincoln Marathon. 

Kaci Lickteig won the Novartis 10K in 37:04, nice work  on a warm muggy morning.  Bridget Easley was 2nd in 37:43.  Stacy Shaw was 2nd master in 42:59.  Eric Rasmussen was the Men’s winner in 32:21, our newest mate Matt Seiler of Columbus was 5th in 34:56.  Good racing by everyone.

Blew out the carburetors this morning out at Two Rivers State Park.  2.5 mile warm up and down, 2 X 1.5 miles @ 10K pace w/3:00 recovery. 

Wednesday night track work at Millard West, 6:00 pm.  1-1.5 mile warm up and down. 1 X 1 Mile, 1 X 1200, 1 X 800, 1 X 400.  3:00 recovery jog between each.  Start at 5K race pace and each subsequent effort just a little finer and faster effort.  Giddyup!

We had my old buddy Henry Rono in for the 2008 Omaha Mile.  Henry is one of the true legends of track and field.


Just completed my only 70 mile week of this training cycle, great confidence boost for Lincoln.   All of the miles were with a purpose (pearls) instead of just compiling numbers (swine, or hog).   I hope your spring marathon is the result of patience and purpose resulting in a thing of beauty and your training has not left you wallowing or injured. 

“As you learn more about yourself and improve your general physical condition, you’ll be able to run both farther and faster but by this time it should be ingrained in you that it’s the speed of the running that stops you, not the distance. Running that breaks the even passage of time and distance is anaerobic, not aerobic, and it must be avoided. It’s much better to go too slowly at first than too fast-and if you can recognise that as important and discipline yourself to it, you’re on your way to becoming a greater runner than you believed possible.”
–RUN THE LYDIARD WAY, Arthur Lydiard, 1978

                                                 2008 Olympic Marathoner Brian Sell, me, Mike Morgan, and Linda Barnhart at the Amway Grand Plaza in Grand Rapids, MI after the 2008 USA 25K Champs.  Photo courtesy of Brian’s wife.


We’ve got three mates lining up at Lincoln going for their USA Olympic Trials Marathon Standard.  Our guys Tom Nichols and Levi Ashley will be pursuing the 2:19:00 mark for the men, and Kaci Lickteig will be gunning for a sub 2:46:00 to punch her ticket to Houston next January.  Training is going well for the trio, this could be a very special year in Lincoln.  Eric Rasmussen is still shooting for a sub 1:05:00 in the Half to get the automatic qualifier, so look for some fast times at 13.1 too.

The last Trials Qualifier ran at Lincoln was in 2007, Chris Kimbrough’s 2:44:57.  Chris is still running well since turning 40, she ran 35:22 at this past weekend’s Capitol 10,000 in Austin, TX.  Good enough for 2nd overall and 1st master, nice to see her still getting after it.–Correction, thanks to Dylan Wilson for the heads up- Ann Marie Chappell’s 2:45:28 in 2010 was also a Olympic Trials qualifier-thanks Dilly!

Tooth Fairy?  I bit down on a chopstick last night and “dislodged” a bottom front tooth.  Anchored in by my retainer, looks like soup, yogurt, and oatmeal until next Monday’s dentist appointment.  I wonder if I’ll get a nickel for it?

Its not too late to get your 2011 USATF membership,   A worthy organization that supports running and T&F from grass roots programs to the Olympics.  A portion of all memberships fees come directly back to our Nebraska LDR program.  You’ll get the warm fuzzy from knowing that you are supporting Nebraska’s efforts to make our sport more accessible to the masses as well as helping our Very Best athletes pursue their competitive goals. 

We will be hosting Omaha Corporate Cup Summer Series 10K qualifying runs this summer.  The 10K runs will be held on the second Wednesday evenings in June, July, & August and will be contested on a USATF Certified course (NE07003KU).    Start time at 6:00 pm at the 180th trailhead.  We’ll provide more details as the dates approach.  More exciting news from Nebraska’s largest 10K is the increase in the overall prize money and going 5 deep with it.  Big thanks to The American Lung Association’s Kevin Bonney for the nod and support.

                                                                                            Eric Rasmussen, Kayte Tranel, Kaci Lickteig and your Run Guru at this past January’s USA Half Marathon Championships in Houston.


Giving some big props to these two ladies that have transformed themselves into true distance runners.  Both are training up for Lincoln, it will be both of their marathon debuts.  What has been fun is watching them tackle each new week, the miles and workouts, with such giddy(up!) anticipation.  I noted disappointment in their voices last night when I modified the track workout from 5 X 1 Mile to 1-2-1, they were that eager to tackle the toughest workouts of their lives.  You’ve done all the hard work, now comes the fun!

When I arrived at Millard West last night I watched a young lady do 20 X a steep, 30 meter hill.  More like exploded up each rep.  I moseyed on over to introduce myself only to find it was our own Christina King.  The 25.20 200 she ran last weekend has her setting sights on a sub 25 very soon.

I hit a very hilly and windy 10 miler this morning, out in scenic Sarpy/Douglas counties.  With 2 X 1.5 miles at 10K race pace, the first with a 30 mph tailwind, the second into its teeth.  Feeling good and more excited for May 1st every day.

                                                                              Hope you don’t mind my sharing some personal photos.  I took this one just before the start of the 08 Oly Trials Marathon.  Blake Russell (#17) and Samia Akbar (#6) look on as Race Director Dave McGillivray poses with legends Deena Kastor and Joan Samuelson.  Boston did an outstanding job of hosting our Trials.