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Glen van der Westhuizen is a renowned coach and father of Omaha’s own world class miler, Peter.  Glen was kind enough to answer 9 questions for me yesterday.  Enjoy.

Will:  Glen, all of us in Nebraska know your son as a World Class Miler. Most may not know that you have been his coach, am I right in saying his entire running career?
Glen: Yes. He started running at the age of 11 and didn’t realy look as if he had any talent, but his perserverance has paid off!

Will:  Does Peter enjoy something of a celebrity status in South Africa? Our 1500 guys and gals enjoy a nice share of the limelight stateside.
Glen: Other than the awe that other athletes look at him with, his status is rather low-key. When he steps on the track, however, the big names in South African athletics as well as the journalists, sit up and take notice.

Will:  We met briefly when you were in the country for Peter & Michaela’s wedding.  I was struck by your own rugged fitness and impressed by some of your credentials.  Can you share one or two highlights from your competitive career?
Glen: If you thought you train hard at this stage, then I might boggle your mind when I tell you that when I was in the best shape of my Comrades Marathon career, I trained 150 miles per week (240 km) which included speed sessions. I managed to complete the 90Km race in 7 Hours 12 minutes which was my best in this race, earning me a silver medal. This placed me in 366th position out of aproximately 16 000 athletes. To receive a silver medal, one has to complete the race in less than 7 hours and 30 minutes. The main highlight of my personal career is participating for South Africa in the ITC World Duathlon Championships in Hobart, Tasmania during 1994 where I finished in 34th position. At that stage I was running 130 km (81 miles) per week and cycling 530 km (329 miles) a week including speed sessions. This equates to 260 km per week running if the ratio of 4km cycle = 1 km run is applied. This was achieved while holding down a fulltime teaching position.

Will:  You have been working with Team Nebraska for a few years now. Our mates Shannon Stenger, Paul Wilson, & Mike Beattie rode your training to Great Heights back in 2008-2009.  You’re now working with David Adams and Luka Thor among several others.  I’m guessing the reward for your volunteering is watching each and every athlete approach their own potential.  We thank you for that.  How many athletes, if any, do you coach in your native South Africa?
Glen: I have 75 athletes ranging from 60m sprinters (7 years old) to 100 km Ultra marathoners (63 years old) in my private training group. I also have a group of 35 school athletes that I coach directly after school that ends at 14H00. I have a group of 7 athletes that I coach by e-mail in South Africa as well.

Will:  You are helping a lot of us prep for the USA Club XC National Championships in Seattle on Dec. 10th.  Five of us are masters runners with me being the oldest at 54.  I’ll have to say that this is the most speedwork I’ve ever attempted in my 35+ years of running.  We look at the workouts, gasp in horror, get after them, and get faster each week. Every one of us.  What if anything is your secret, or defining philosophy if you will?
Glen: The most important component of any training program is balance. If the balance is right then the injuries and sicknesses are minimal. The balance in my program has a large foundation of distance that gradually introduces strength, muscle endurance, speed endurance and eventually pure speed the closer one approches the desired target race. The human body can physiologically only peak for a maximum of 8 weeks and on a wing and a prayer have it extended to 10 weeks. To reach the optimum peaking period, I revert to the developmental phase of the human body of 6 weeks and have achieved great results with this.

Will:  Do you have anyone that you would consider a coaching mentor? Any early influences that led you to find your own way?
Glen: My main mentor was my previous coach Don Peckitt who now resides in his native UK. When he left South Africa he taught me his coaching system. Even though having a healthy respect for his knowledge and ability, I still had questions regarding components of training that I didn’t do. This included core training, weight training, rhythm work, nutrition, plyometrics and psychological preparation. After developing my method of coaching, I was introduced to the Lydiard method and Harry Wilson philosophy and noticed some remarkable similarities.

Will:  What are the plans for Peter as London 2012 approaches?  Does South Africa utilize a selection system similar to the US, i.e. a single race championship?  What kind of time frame is there and sure we’re all sending our best to Peter as he pursues his spot.
Glen: Peter has to follow a specific criteria set out for all athletes by our governing body Athletics South Africa. He needs to participate in some of our premier events, called the Yellow Pages series as well as the ASA National championships. He also has to qualify according to time and the IAAF standard. Sometimes the ASA qualifying standard is more stringent than the IAAF standard. The plans for Peter is to medal at the Olympics. That is the goal. If his goal is anything less, then he need not make the trip. A slogan of the group is ” If you aim at nothing…. You will hit it every time”

Will:  David Adams is also looking to have a breakthrough 2012 with the prize being a berth on the US Olympic Steeplechase squad.  I’ve seen some great improvement in just the last 10 weeks, do you consider him to be a diamond in the rough amidst the cornfields of Nebraska?
Glen: Yes, David and *Megan both  are aiming at qualifying for the US Olympic team and I have no doubt that they have the potential to achieve their goals. I feel they are more than Diamonds in the rough and will stake a solid claim to those few illusive Olympic team berths. There are however other athletes that also have these aspirations in the back of their minds who I also believe could raise a few eyebrows come trial day namely Luka and Matt. In South Africa there are two of my athletes also vying for Olympic selection. Tlou Seloba in the 800m and Richard Breukel in the 400m and possibly 100m relay team.

Will:  Thanks for taking time with us today Glen.  Any final thoughts or parting wisdom you’d care to share?
Glen: Thank you for the opportunity you have afforded me to work with such a fine group of all your athletes. I know that the results that the team will achieve at the Cross Country Club Nationals will be phenomenal due to the effort you put in. Just remember that the person who quits last is the person who wins the race!!! Good luck to all who will race these champs. My final quote and I’m sure those who are on Killercoach’s training program will agree……


Stacy Shaw, Linda Barnhart, and I are all doing workouts provided by Killer Coach.  The last time I was close to  this fit was for the race pictured above.  The 2009 USA Masters Half Marathon National Championships in Melbourne, FL.  I paced Stacy & Linda to a 69 low first 10 miles before they sped off to their age group awards.  Number 775 right behind is Bill Riley, the top 70+ runner in the country, he too would pass me on this morning.


Another name for the Wilzetta Fault Line in Oklahoma, where the recent earthquakes have been rattling shelves and nerves.  My dad reports being  nearly “shaken out of the shucks” the other night and the smaller aftershocks have everyone just a tad on edge.  I’ve made the trek across Oklahoma many times, it took years for me to appreciate the natural beauty of the state.

One thing they do well in OK is put on road races.  Jack Wing, Bill McKee, and others have a long history of offering quality events.  I particularly dig how they have their courses measured off, and marked in, kilometers.  Every USATF Certified race.  That is some great cooperation among races in order to serve the entire running community.  Nice.  They play some decent football down there too.

Threw down another set of 300s this morning.  Temps in the upper 20s and a decent SW wind blowing around Millard West track, those were minor distractions as we worked the gifts.  One to two seconds faster than Sunday’s set, “Itsa lika magic”.

The Omaha Run Club annual meeting is set for this Sunday out at the NRD building at Chalco.  Always a great chance to catch up with old friends and competitors.

Please do mark your calendar now for the 2nd Annual Jingle Bell Run on December 24th.  1:00 pm start time at the Zorinsky boat ramps.  Fundraiser for the Food Bank of the Heartland.  More details soon.

And the 2nd Annual Hair Of  The Dog Run on January 1st.  Same 1:00 start time, same location.  Clothing/blanket/gloves/hat drive for the area less fortunate.

April 7th, 2012, the 6th Annual Ni-Bthaska-Ke 12K & 4 Mile Trail Runs at Platte River State Park.  Going to be offering some new twists on an old favorite!

Bill Week’s sweet grand daughter Moriah.  At 8 weeks she’s a peanut and proud of her Peace, Love, Run onesie.  Future TNB star for sure!  Photo courtesy of BillPa.


Another human condition offering from A&E.  The show looks at people with disposophobia, the compulsive gathering and keeping of any number, or all number of things.  I find it particularly interesting because I served as a Health Inspector for the Will Co. Health Dept. in Joliet, IL, circa 1992.  One of the programs was Nuisance Complaint.  Neighbors or other anonymous tipsters would call in and report anything unsightly, unsavory, or otherwise suspicious.  Inspectors had Administrative Authority, backed by the Will Co. Sheriff’s Enforcement Authority.  So I got to knock on a lot of doors and see some things that still serve among the Best of Tales from my varied background.  Next time I’m having a beer with you ask me about the man and his macac.  Perhaps the Strangest and Saddest tale of all.


Living History Farms is this Saturday and if you aren’t officially entered, Don’t Even Think About It!  From race officials: “not accepting transfers and anyone caught running the race with someone else’s bib # will be banned from the race for two years.”   Save it for the Fremont Turkey Trot.

Lee Anderson will bring his altitude training and his girlfriend Haleigh Riggle to Fremont.  Lee has been working in Arizona with some of the best triathletes in the country and we’ve missed his Cowboy ways.  Haleigh has been running well taking 1st overall at the recent Theta 5K (20:21).

Another crisp, beautiful November morning.  Eight miles around the dojo, life is good.



As we were warming up for our 4th speed workout in the last 8 days it occurred to me that I felt like trash.  Similar to one day last week but this time my head as well as my legs were not into it.  My training partner echoed the sentiment and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to just a brief moment’s consideration of bagging it.  So what do you do when you just don’t feel like getting after it?  You go and get it anyway.  Stepped up to the start line and cranked off the first 1K, going with no other expectation than benefiting the body by bending it to the mind.  Sluggish time but still much faster than actual race pace.  The next one was a full :10 faster and the workout as well as the day did brighten.

I mentioned too that I can hardly wait for December 11th, the day following Club XC.  Looking forward to a little R&R and then into the winter months of base building.  Going to select a marathon to run in 2012 to qualify for 2013 Boston, I’ll be a fresh 55 and will be in it to win it.  The seasons turn, I yearn and burn.

Resurrection is nearly complete.  I noticed Box Elder Creek was markedly lower today than even yesterday, wondered what was up with that.  I also had noted that the East portion of Lake Zorinsky had seemed fuller yesterday and yes, was even fuller today.  Also caught a glimpse of some meandering water on the West portion of the lake, feeding into the channel under the 168th bridge, that was the answer I was seeking.  Box Elder is now emptying directly into Zorinsky.  And the hundreds and hundreds and even more ducks and other waterfowl are a sure sign that life begins anew.  My beloved dojo, but the enitre community’s Treasure.

David Adams.  Matt Pohren.  Matt Schneider.  Andrew Jacob.  Cory Logsdon.  Justin Mollak.  Shain Kephart.  Your TNB 2011 USA Club XC Champs Open Men’s team.

Megan Zavorka.  Emily Kraus.  Our Open Women.

Stacy Shaw.  Linda Barnhart.  Carole Swanson.  Natalie Jetensky.  Our Masters Female Team.

Steve Stender.  Kelly Crawford.  Me.  Our Masters Men Team.


Team Nebraska Brooks hopes to make a big splash at this year’s Club Cross Champs.  Linda & I got a good workout at Beer & Bagel and hope to represent with distinction in Seattle.


This was the chorus surrounding Millard West’s track yesterday morning.  Four of the biggest studs in the Nebraska running community gathered to crank out a difficult set of 13 X 300 (:60 recovery).  This following Thursday’s set of 800s and Tuesday’s set of 400s.    After each workout, the same bewildering statement, “How did we DO this?”   I thought this was my sentiment only but even Justin Mollak agreed that after #3 or 4, you start wondering how in the world you’ll be able to get to number 6 let alone the full workout.  I know it is my not wanting to disappoint, and my faith in, Killer Coach that gets me through them.  Having Linda Barnhart, Justin, and Kelly Crawford help with the push yesterday made it that much easier on each of us.  High Level Group Centered Training, a backbone of Team Nebraska Brooks.  THIRTY SECONDS!  NUMBER 9 COMING UP!  The recoveries seemed to shrink, our gasping, searing lungs substantiating the time warping essence of String Theory.  And just as incredible, #13 coming and going and we were done with the impossible.  Giddyup!

Group Centered Training part deaux:  We had 14 ambitious athletes show up for our first Winter Training Cycle run on Saturday morning.  Varying distances and paces, fellowship and fun all around.  Omaha Endurance Group, our community outreach program, I couldn’t be prouder of everyone!

Andrew Jacob (6th, 16:19), Dustin Llewellyn (10th,16:43), and Brian Wandzilak (11th 17:03) ran the NXN Heartland Regional XC race in Sioux Falls this past Saturday, nice running mates!

Tim & Emily Langdon pulled off an unlikely double this weekend at the Schramm Park Trail Runs.  Tim was the overall winner in the 12 Mile and Emily scored the win in the 6 mile.

Tim & Emily Langdon, Amy Cherko de Mainelli, Rodney & Jody Green, Mike Rilley, and Bruce Barnhart all tackled the terrain of Schramm Park this weekend.

Some good news from our mate Matt Schneider.  His foot has “re-tracked” and he’s now running pain free again, a solid boost to our Club XC Champs in a few weeks.

Keeping with XC, congratulations to Jake Dyer, this from his dad Jim, an old friend from my days in Central Illinois (long ago and far away):
“On Sunday, November 13, Jake (Illini Heat) competed at the USATF State Finals in Coutnry Club Hills, IL and won the State Championship. He ran a 2k course in gusty wind conditions and finsihed 1 second ahead of the 2nd place finisher. Jake, will travel to Carmel, IN on November 19 to compete in the Regional championship, with a chance to go to the Nationals. Jake we are very proud of you for your efforts. Great Job.”
Giddyup Jake!

Final piece of the puzzle.  It took me several years to become a Husker fan (being from Texas, you knew it would take some time).  After witnessing the class and sportsmanship demonstrated prior to Saturday’s kick off against Penn State, transition complete, I’m a fan for life.  I pricked my finger and sure enough, was bleeding Scarlet.

TNB will be front loading the upcoming Fremont Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.  A lot of the mates getting in great shape, should be a FUN morning of racing.  Giddyup!




This is what we mates called the USS Concord, a combat supply ship serving the Mediterranean Group for half of the last century.  Haze Gray & Underway!  I served as a deck hand and made one Med Cruise, spent most all of the time chipping paint and then re-painting.  19 years old with no idea of how big the world was, threw myself into that frying pan to escape my juvenile fires.  Grew up in a hurry, learned I wasn’t suited for authority and discipline, something that shaped me and remains today.  Had a life changing week on the Isle of Capri, returned to the states with this as my guiding light:  “Yo no soy marinero, soy capitan”.

I made  memories and friends while busting my hump aboard this old tin can.  Did some of my earliest running around the “fantail” or rear section of the boat, lap after lonely lap, searching for answers of my youth.

A RGS Salute to all those that have served, are serving, or will serve.  Special thoughts to my dad who served in Korea.

The USS Concord is now laid up at Pearl Harbor awaiting its fate as target practice and eventual sinking.  So long old girl, you served your country well!

No cigar.  This morning Carrie came this close to earning a much coveted award.  I’ve been carrying around a trophy in my truck for 4 years, with the promise of awarding it to the first person to barf under my tutelage.  She came close after a fast stretch from 2.5-3 miles, came even closer after the first rep up “Legacy Hill”.  But alas, her breakfast and the trophy both stayed put.  Maybe next week?

What in the world is all the fuss about Keith Stone’s pipeline in Nebraska?

Moving our Saturday morning run to 8:00 a.m. so we can all be home in time for the Husker game.  Also moving the appointed meeting place to the foyer entry of Life Time Fitness.  Varying distances and paces around Zorinksy, all are welcome!

I wish Penn State would cut the crap, clean house, and forfeit the remainder of their schedule.  Lauren Cook should also be booted from the Huskers volleyball squad.  There, I said it.




I fired off a heavily edited email to Indianapolis, Seattle, & NYC yesterday describing my consternation regarding the new uniform compliance rules.  Turns out I’m not the only one a little peeved about the way the rules were communicated (not at all).  A chorus of support for my position has resulted in USATF releasing the following statement:

“In order to provide sufficient lead-time for all clubs to ensure their logos are in compliance with this policy, USATF will observe a “grace period” for club logos. The 2011 edition the USATF National Club Cross Country Championships therefore will not impose size restrictions on club logos….”


Out of the woodwork.  Linda & I were hitting our quarters out at El Parque Estado Dos Rios this morning, great place for speedwork by the way.  I was telling her about Stacy Shaw’s set of 800s (2:40, 2:41, 2:40) yesterday.  Linda is very excited about how Stacy will fare in her 45-49 age group in Seattle.  I said that you just never know who will come out of the woodwork at these National Championship events.  Linda’s reply was this year its Stacy & Kelly Crawford (2:28, 2:30, 2:28 for his halves yesterday).

I wasn’t extremely hip on doing the workout this morning, wasn’t feeling quite 100%.  Imagine how shocked I was when the first one was :81!  And the next two were 82s!  Six in total, all well under what I would have thought possible earlier in the a.m.  Another great indicator that the fitness is coming around, what a joy to be Alive and Running!  I return to the remainder of my day’s tasks energized and optimistic.

Another great turnout at the Upstream last night.  What a great group of hard working, fun loving, beer drinking, supportive friends we have.

I’ve joined a facebook group called “Omaha Burger Club”.  Titillated them with tales of the Will Burger that is available (off menu item) at the Upstream.  I’ve got 6 people now that are willing to attempt to duplicate the amazing feat of downing this behemoth as a fundraiser for a local food bank.  If you too would like to earn a spot in Omaha Culinary History shoot me an email ( and we’ll get you included.  I’ll be releasing final details in the next few days.

Will Burger

Amount Measure Ingredient
——– ———— ——————————–
1 pound ground chuck
2 ounces capicola
2 ounces mortadella
4 ounces monterey jack cheese
4 ounces spanish onion
2 ounces tempura batter mix
5 ounces french bread
1 ounce fresh tomato
1/2 ounce green leaf lettuce
1 ounce red onion
1 ounce mayonnaise
1/2 ounce stone ground mustard
1 ounce green olive
1/2 ounce cherry pepper
1/16 ounce extra virgin olive oil
3 ounces french fries
pinch teaspoon salt
pinch teaspoon black pepper

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Per Serving (excluding unknown items): 3055 Calories; 191g Fat (57.3%
calories from fat); 151g Protein; 169g Carbohydrate; 11g Dietary Fiber;
510mg Cholesterol; 4888mg Sodium. Exchanges: 10 Grain(Starch); 18 1/2
Lean Meat; 2 1/2 Vegetable; 0 Fruit; 25 Fat; 1/2 Other Carbohydrates.




Interesting read over on  Lauren Fleshman was forced to remove a temporary tattoo prior to the start of the NYC Marathon on Sunday .  And another good link:

In a nutshell the IAAF (International Association of Athletic Federations) has begun imposing rules on its member organizations–The U.S. Olympic Committee here in the States- which then passes the regulations onto its national governing bodies (USA Track & Field in this case).  As a result there have been sweeping changes in what you can and cannot wear/display at not only our USA National Championships, but any World Marathon Major, such as New York City.—Other-Policies/Uniform-Guidelines.aspx

This might seem far out of the realm of concern for most of us, but not really.  I’m used to working within the bureaucratic machinery but I have to admit this one was a bit of a surprise.  I first found out after receiving a call from our athlete at the USA 10 Mile National Champs last month after she was informed her uniform was “Out of compliance”.  The new regulations limiting the size of club logos, and the appearance of sponsors logos, have a bunch of us club administrators scrambling and asking questions.  Not only are the singlets being inspected but socks, bags, hats, gloves, jackets, sunglasses, and every piece of apparel are now being checked to meet these IAAF mandated standards.  Stay tuned.

Another sad story over on LetsRun concerning an old friend of mine that went down a darker road.  Liza Hunter-Galvan used to run my races back in Texas.  The New Zealand native made the 2008 Olympic Marathon Team for her homeland and was subsequently busted for EPO.  Her ban is up but she continues to deal with the ramifications of her poor decision.  Truly sad.

I’ve been trying to love my Brooks Pure Connect and think I’ve finally gotten it figured out.  I removed the insole which was providing too much arch support and replaced it with the insole from my Racer STs.  Viola!

Thanks to Dave Seevers and Jody & Rodney Green for all the great photos this fall!  I hardly ever remember to cite your work but it is always appreciated!

Going to move up our Omaha Endurance Group Wednesday night gathering to 6:15 tonight at the Upstream Brewery.  Welcome one and all, we will be taking on all the major issues affecting mankind today.




This little training cycle I’ve embarked on is a trip.  Throwing me back to another time (an age ago?) when I fearlessly attacked workouts.  The legs felt good enough this morning to crank out the scheduled set of 800s, 3:04, 2:57, 3:04.  Would have preferred they all be sub 3 but having raced just two days ago gives me an out that I’ll take.  The mere fact that I had enough confidence to hit it lets me know things are going well.  Two more speed sessions for this week, how FUN!  After 35+ years of running, I know this is just a brief moment in a bigger picture, a mere snapshot, and that I should enjoy every moment with crystal clarity.

The fact that I demand so much from my training and racing is also a snapshot of what I expect from Living Life.  I want to experience each day with the gusto of a last meal.  Do Good, Eat Well, Train Hard, Love All, Serve All.

Things typically slow down this time of year but we do still have a lot going on.  Bridget Easley still has to run the California International Marathon in a few weeks, our last best hope for a USA Women’s Olympic Trials qualifier.

We will be back in Des Moines the Saturday before Thanksgiving to go for a 3-peat as Living History Farms Open Men’s Team champs.

The Fremont Turkey Trot is also on the horizon and you never know who will show up for that classic.

The USATF Annual Meeting in St. Louis from Nov. 30-Dec. 4, and then the Club XC National Champs the following weekend.

I’ll also be announcing our  much anticipated year end awards in early December.  Let me know if you’d like to nominate a mate!


A lot of ground to cover this morning.  First of all congratulations to Jordan Tucker on his New York City Marathon yesterday.  He ran a pr 2:42:20 on a difficult course.  Nice job Jordo!  Our mate Matt Heesch didn’t have his day at all but lives to fight another day.  Good job by our NYC TNB field correspondent Andre Lejeune.  He was shooting for sub 3 (45-49 age group) and turned in a nice 3:05:18 after experiencing calf cramps midway. Congrats also to my old buddy Meb Keflezighi, now 36, on his new pr 2:09:13 and 6th place finish, almost 8 years after his Silver Medal in Athens.

We had a great turnout for pizza and Lucky Bucket beer at Oscar’s Saturday night.  Nearly 30 came out and enjoyed the festivities while crying in our pitchers over the Husker loss.  Wrapped things up early enough to get a good night sleep for Sunday’s Beer & Bagel.

And B&B was a real treat.  A newer, more difficult course greeted us.  Almost like a mini Living History Farms if you will.  And 2500 participants, I could hardly believe I was in Ashland, NE.  Justin Mollak continues to improve and impress as he preps for USA Club Cross next month.  He led a trio of mates to the podium spots in a fast 22:29.  5:38 pace on that course really is impressive!  Andrew Jacob was next in 22:49, and Tim Langdon was hot on his heels in 22:55.  Perennial favorite Ivan “Mister Beer” Marsh would finish 5th in 23:28.  On the women’s side Andrea Bowen, who hardly ever races but is definitely “in it to win it” when she shows, did just that in a fast 26:17.  “Sweet” Emily Kraus showed her tough side finishing 2nd female in 26:39.  Emily will also be running Club Cross.  Kelly Crawford (49 years old) was 12th overall and first master in 24:37, and yep, you guessed it, he too will be headed to Seattle next month.  Linda Barnhart was first overall masters female in 29:31, and you know where she’s headed.  I ran and felt young and strong and confident throughout, closing Very Fast the last half mile-including a wicked steep uphill finish- to finish in 27:19 for 5th (but no sweet Warsteiner mug, sniff) in the 50-54.

Worth noting that Mollak, Crawford, Kraus, Barnhart, and myself are all being coached by “Killer Coach” Glen van der Westhuizen in our lead up to Seattle.  Coincidence?

Our vegan and gluten free mate Mike Reilly could not attend Beer & Bagel citing the presence of “Too much gluten”.

Andrea Bowen’s list of race performances in Nebraska is quietly very impressive.

Justin Mollak earned his way onto the USA Club Cross team this fall and continues to improve every week.

Kelly Crawford has been tearing up the workouts and the results are paying off handsomely.

Linda once again running away with the masters division.

Andrew Jacob, Justin Mollak, and Tim Langdon with their very sweet hardware.

This Mo-Mo was seen on the course and made an appearance at the awards ceremony.  At 6’7″ Andrew Jacob towers to nearly  mythical heights.

In the late 1960s, my dad went to Louisiana, Missouri to hunt a creature that had been seen roaming the wilds in that part of the state.  Dubbed Mo-Mo for Missouri Monster, he spent a fortnight tracking and hoping, instilling in me that anything in the world is possible for dreamers.