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This Sunday.  Lindsey Brezenski will be representing NRGE and we are all wishing her Great Racing, Good Luck, and Giddyup!  She’s a determined young lady and I’m glad she wears our kit.

And of course a story.

In 2003/2004 I worked with Helene Neville.  She was the Race Director for Des Moines and wanted to bring the 2005 USA Women’s Half Marathon to the event.  I was happy to guide the bid effort and they arrived at the ’03 USATF Annual Meeting in Greensboro, NC armed with a slam dunk.

I fretted and sweated the details for the next year.  In the meantime a lawsuit was filed against Helene by an athlete she had disqualified for receiving unfair assistance during the marathon.  The fact that he won the race made it headline news.  During this whole mess I was called as an “expert witness” and my testimony helped support her unpopular if correct decision.

As a result of the lawsuit and other outstanding issues the Des Moines Half withdrew their bid.  So in 2005, for the only time in the history of the USA Women’s National Championships, a Half Marathon was not contested.  I was stunned. The only dark day of my tenure shepherding the women’s championships.

And now, eight years later I have cause again to celebrate Iowa’s premier marathon.  Go get it Lindsey!

phone pics through oct 10 2013 416

Justin Wilson.  My earliest influence in Cajun cooking and humor.  I had watched him for years and finally got a chance to hear him speak in Chicago in ’97, he would pass to that Great Swamp in the Sky in 2001.  I still use his recipes as templates for my own excursions into Louisiana style cooking.  I gar-on-tee!




Today I feature a few of my USA Olympic Trials programs.


Uncle Sam pimping the Trials.inside52Trials

Keds Footwear was the order of the day in ’52.


The 1956 Olympics were in Melbourne Australia.  My old buddy Al Lawrence won the Bronze in the 10000.


Always great ads.  A 14″ television that weighs only 32 pounds!60Trials

In Rome Abebe Bikila would win the Olympic Marathon running barefoot.inside60Trials

And the cars were “fins to the left, fins to the right.”64Trials

Tokyo 1964, Billy Mills shocks the world.InsideTrials64

And apparently Blaine Lindgren was a stud high hurdler in ’60.72Trials

The iconic 1972 Trials in Eugene.  inside72TrialsShorter would win the 10000 at the Trials and the Marathon in Munich.  My buddy Gerry Lindgren finished 4th in his heat by one second.



Our mate Pete Kostelnick provides the following race report from last weekend’s Heartland 100 Mile.  After splitting the 50 Mile in 8 hours 30 minutes he finished 5th Overall in a mind numbing, limb wrecking, 18 hours and 35 minutes.   Real Ultra Racing.

“There will be cattle on the course and you’ll be tiptoeing over 30 or so cattle guards, so don’t fall in.”   Pick your poison, all 100 mile running races got their something—it’s the only way to get anyone to partake.   Last Friday I left work in Lincoln, NE at noon heading straight south four hours to Cassoday, KS for the Heartland 100 pre-race briefing and buffet.   No crew, no pacer, just unfinished business after a sour DNF at Leadville in August and a chance to race my team NRGE jersey for the first time.     At the Ozark Trail 100 in 2011 I paced much of the race with Cath Todd, eventual 2013 Badwater 135 women’s winner in Death Valley; and although she lives all the way over in Dubai, here she was ready to roll again.   We cruised thru to the 50 mile turnaround in just over 8 hrs 30 minutes, developing a draft strategy thru the windy, but beautiful flint hills of Kansas.   Cath’s crew of Ang and Barb kindly lent me a hand as well.   From that point, though, Cath’s kidneys took a path for the worse to the hospital after an undoubtedly gutsy battle into the night.   At mile 57, Kansas ultra running and biking legend Darin Schneidewind joined the course and said he’d pace me all the way to the house.   Alright, let’s do it.   We set a good pace, but quickly at mile 62 there was trouble.   “My appetite is gone man, I’m toasted, forget sub 19 hours, hell forget sub 20.”   At the next aid station, a big guy in overalls handed me the same beans with hot dog mix I had turned him down for on the way outbound.   After he forced me to eat two cups of the “power pellets” before I continued, I found myself cruising again minutes later.   Darin kept me on track, and we kept running all the way back to Cassoday at mile 100 just after midnight after jumping back up to 5 th place in a time of 18 hrs 35 min.   A fortunate turn of events thanks to many kind people.   Ok, if anyone needs a pacer or a crew member out there, I’m more than due…

Heartland2013-0304-XLPete rocking the sweet NRGE kit.   No crew, no pacer.   It takes a Real Man to Race an Ultra and an even Bigger Man to wear pink!

No correct replies to yesterday’s jumble.  Answer:  Jon Sinclair, Keith Brantly, Kim Jones, Kim Pawalek. Legends all.



I like to do the crossword and jumble in the newspaper.  Keeps the mind sharp.  I’m going to offer my own version of jumble here.  I’m going to list some credentials and your fun is to match the bio to the runner sitting at the table with me.  This photo was taken at the Twin Cities Marathon in 2002.  Any and all correct responses get recognized here manana.  The answers are all relatively easy but are a good historical lesson for any fan of our sport.

Finished 28th at 1996 Olympic Marathon (2:18:17).

Finished 2nd at New York City Marathon (2:27:54), 2nd at Boston (2:26:40), and 2nd at Berlin (2:27:50)

1999 USA Marathon Champion.  Finished last at 2008 Olympic Trials, refusing an invitation to, and I quote, “Come on, let’s drop out together.”   If you want to know who extended the invitation I’ve got that bit of trivia too, might surprise you, might not.

1984 USA 10000 Meter Track National Champion, 3 time Olympian (5000, marathon x 2)



Top 10 American finishers from yesterday’s USA Women’s 10K National Championships.  Real Fast.

 1   31:47  5:07 31:46.6# Emily Infeld              23 F      30 Concord MA                                   
    2   32:28  5:14 32:27.4# Janet Bawcom              35 F      10 Rome GA                                      
    3   32:51  5:18 32:50.5# Amy Van Alstine           25 F      54 Flagstaff AZ                                 
    4   33:05  5:20 33:04.7# Alisha Williams           31 F      56 Colorado Springs CO                          
    5   33:15  5:21 33:14.4# Mattie Suver              26 F      52 Colorado Springs CO                          
    6   33:17  5:22 33:16.7# Brianne Nelson            32 F      42 Golden CO                                    
    7   33:22  5:23 33:22.4# Katie Kellner             22 F      34 Rochester MI                                 
    8   33:23  5:23 33:23.6# Kellyn Johnson            27 F      33 Flagstaff AZ                                 
    9   33:24  5:23 33:23.6# Dot McMahan               36 F      38 Rochester MI                                 
   10   33:47  5:27 33:46.4  Lindsey Scherf            27 F      49 Durham NC



One of the busiest running/racing weekends of the fall and I spent it high as a kite.  OK, more like twenty feet off the ground, paintbrush in hand, giving the old barn trim a fresh coat of red paint.  Only a couple acrophobia moments, conquered by a steady and loving hand.  It was a great way to keep my mind pre-occupied.  The first year in many that I didn’t invest my emotional soul into the race performances of others.  A double edged respite.

On the one hand, the sanquine viscosity rolling off my brush was comforting.  On the other I just couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something I had to contribute to the weekend.  But no, I suppose not.

Some congratulations are in order at any rate.

Kudos to Jeremy Morris for winning the USATF 50K Championships.  At first blush I was ready to shower Overall Winner Kaci Lickteig with praise but alas she isn’t a USATF member.  Still a good run by her.  A little surprised to see that in fact Jeremy was the only male USATF member in the race.  Team Nebraska’s Jennifer Freeman was the lone female USATF finisher.  Good to see my old mates still supporting the program.

The Lincoln Running Co. Racing Team has proved that this is their year.  They started out 2013 by topping my old mates at the Shamrock Shuffle Elite Team Challenge in Chicago.  In June, they bested Team Nebraska at the Hospital Hill Team Challenge in Kansas City.  They completed the hat trick this weekend by being the first across the line, if by only 40 seconds.  So hats off to the guys across the river.

They also shattered the old event record by averaging 5:24/mile.  On the brighter side of the slice,Team Nebraska also were under the old mark of 5:32/mile.  Competition is alive and well in Nebraska.  I just hope it never goes back to where we were just a few years ago.

Congratulations too to the Team Nebraska Women’s Team.  Victorious for the second consecutive year.  And to NRGE’s Walter Key, he led his Offut Road Warriors to a 4th Overall team finish.

The 2010 Team Nebraska mixed team record withstood a hard charge by Team Jaybird Dirkson.  With Ashley Miller and Rachel Carrizales “on loan??” from Team Nebraska they averaged 6:11 pace for 5th Overall.  Nice work Jaybirds!

My old buddy Mike Morgan ran a fine 2:15:01 to finish 16th overall at Sunday’s Chicago Marathon.  Also at Chicago  Megan Zavorka had a breakthrough running 2:50:49.  Cory Logsdon exactly matched my personal best running 2:46:56.  York Thomas ran 2:48:46 after opening with a quick 1:18:55 first half.

The best women and women’s clubs in the United States are competing at the Tufts 10K Elite Challenge in Boston today.  Tufts has hosted our Women’s National Championships for over 20 years and is one of my favorite races.  We added the USATF Club Championships component this year and I’m excited to see who will be competing for the cash and bragging rights!










Have to start today by thanking 3 time British Olympian (Steeplechase) Justin Chaston for being my eyes and ears.  These days he’s got businesses in Denver, real estate and magazine publishing.  I can sleep well at night knowing my dear sweet Alli has a friend in town while she’s checking out her digs as the pastry and baking chef for the Denver Broncos.

Next I’ll recognize the records for the State of Nebraska, non-Kingston Rules.  Looks like our mate Kyle is 3rd all time and Lindsey is the women’s record holder.  I see my old mate Chris Tegtmeier is on the list, I wonder if he walked it?

Market to Market is really this weekend?  I used to be pretty worked up about this event and for good reason.  Now I’m more interested in the 50K, it serves as the USATF Nebraska Association championships for that distance and discipline (Road 50K).

But I’ll never let anyone forget the success Team Nebraska had under my administration.   Untouchable “event” records for both the open men and co-ed teams.  Shoot for the stars y’all!


The first organized relay I ever ran was the Quarter Day Relay held at Houston Baptist University in 1983.  Six of us alternated running miles on the track.  I was our lead runner and averaged  5:07 per mile for my ten turns.  Long, hard day under a hot Texas sun.  Nice shorts too!B2B87The 1987 Beach to Bay Relay in Corpus Christi, TX.  Our team was the Baytown E-Z Striders, Willie Martin to my left was a Real Stud, me too.


In 1993 I ran the River to River Relay in Southern Illinois, from the Mississippi to the Ohio River.  Our team out of New Lenox, Illinois didn’t finish in the hardware but I was awarded the team baton as MVP.


I returned to Beach to Bay in 1995.  I had the privilege of running the anchor leg and it was a Real Race with me passing the lead runner in the quarter mile leading to the finish.  Notable that I had 4 time Olympic Trials 5000M runner Greg Lautenslager and his equally fast wife (New Zealand Olympian) with me on that team.  They helped out a little.


My 2011Team Nebraska Market to Market Co-Ed team.  Even with old and slow me, two masters women and a recent mother we averaged under 6:00 per mile.  Matt Schneider, David Adams, Peter van der Westhuizen, and Eric Rasmussen helped out a little. They were Good Mates to ask Linda & Carol & Emily & I to join in.




The Bar None Beer Mile evolved from a bright idea into an instant fall classic.  This is how we will wrap up our Wednesday Night Track Work from now on.  It was obvious that the beer drinkers had a pint up on the fast runners.  NRGE’s Kyle Clouston (7:37), Jerrod Anzalone (8:09), and Pete Kostelnick (8:19) bested Team Nebraska’s best, by a long way.  Lindsey had a great idea and next year we will be adding a “Shot Mile”, that should give the speedsters a more even chance.

I’m declaring Kyle’s 7:37, and Lindsey Brezenski’s 10:21 as official Nebraska Road Beer Mile State Records.  And most likely better than the record eligible marks from the track.  I think ndorfnz did a beer mile in year’s past, maybe there is some vestige of records being squirreled away in their archives.  If I’m wrong I’m sure it will be pointed out.

Quote of the night “I hate beer and I hate running.”  This from Melissa Gwartney, we may have to adopt this as our official motto for future years.

One beer when the gun sounded, one at each 1/4 mile mark.  Sounds easy but it isn’t.

Official Results:
1. Kyle Clouston 7:37 (Men’s Road Beer Mile State Record)
2. Jerrod Anzalone  8:09
3. Pete Kostelnick  8:19
4. Steve Stender   9:53  (Men’s Masters Road Beer Mile State Record)
5. Lindsey Brezenski 10:21 (Women’s Road Beer Mile State Record)
6. Tammy Consbruck 10:22
7. Jeff Jensen             11:31
8. Bill Weeks              12:18
9. Melissa Gwartney    13:58
10. Linda Kunasek      15:57 (Women’s Masters Road Beer Mile State Record)
11.  Jimmie Doherty    15:58
DNF- David Bohlken

Thanks to everyone that brought the snacks and libations and volunteered.  This has been an extremely rewarding year and I will miss working and laughing and celebrating with our Wednesday Night group.  An especially big thanks to Assistant Coach and Chief Co-Conspirator John Tully!  And of course my dear, sweet Linda.   And our generous sponsor Gretna Family Health.  Training resumes in 20 weeks!

beerstartDon’t worry if you missed last night’s inaugural event.  We’ll do this again next October!


Kyle shows the way in an incredible 7:37.  Think you can do that?  Think again!


Pete had a :20 lead after demonstrating some mad imbibing skills.  He would fade to third.  Pete will be racing the Heartland 100 Mile in Kansas this weekend.


Melissa had the quote of the night and also the best finishing kick!


NRGE’s medical director Dr. Bill Weeks was on hand, just a little crunked.

lindseytammyWas it jubilation or carbonation that had Lindsey floating off like a helium balloon?  Tammy kept her tethered and grounded on the way to a State Road Beer Mile Record.

lindajimmieLinda out kicked Jimmie in a battle for DFL.

postfeedThe post race feed and bonfire was the perfect cap to the perfect evening.

peacekrispieCoach John’s Rice Krispie NRGE rendition.

plrlineMy dear sweet Allison and Katie worked hard getting NRGE’s warm ups and podium tops in tune.  You won’t be able to miss us!








The first annual Bar None Beer Mile, Bonfire, and Chili-fest is all set for tonight.  This will be our final Wednesday Night Track Work for 2013.  I’m already looking forward to next year!

I’ve cooked up a big pot of my World Famous Chili.  Gathered wood for the bonfire.  Set the course.  Alerted the neighbors.  Think I’ll fire off old Besty to start the run, what fun!  Everyone Welcome, Bar None.

And big news on the Vala’s Monster Dash 5K.  We have been named the 2013 USATF Nebraska Association 5K XC Championships.  It’s a tough course with a couple of big hills, we’ll be passing out pacifiers as necessary.

The Monster Dash will also be hosting our packet pick up and late registration at Peak Performance on 168th St.  from 3:00 til close on Thursday the 24th.  Already over 100 boils and ghouls registered, a Spooktacular time for the entire family!  As always big thanks to Peak Performance for their continued support of the Monster Dash!

In 2005 I had the pleasure of being on the finish line at the Hospital Hill Half Marathon.  It served as our Women’s USA Half Marathon National Championships.  A very hot day.  The young lady that won the race immediately collapsed into my arms due to heat prostration.  I’m happy to report that she recovered.  She also took a course that surprised me.  She had just been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and was on her way to Norway to study.  I was sad that we would miss her talent and drive for the next few years but Annie Bersegal is one smart gal.  And talented.  She returned to competition in a big way this last Sunday winning the USA Women’s Marathon National Championships at Twin Cities in 2:30:52.  Welcome back Annie!  If you see  her ask how I provided her with Good Luck, not that she needs it.

Being a Minor Celebrity, or at least a Public Figure leaves you open to all kinds.  I used to try and defend myself against the anonymous heroes trying to save the world from me.  Now I just laugh.  Giddyup!


Vala’s Monster Dash 5K, Little Goblins Runs, Costume Contest, 3-Legged Races and a Nebraska Association Championship.  It is cross country and who’s afraid of a couple of little hills?  BOO!  Fall Family Fun & Fitness.




Open discussion couched in respect and courtesy for the new leadership.   That is the call from Logan Watley over on our Nebraska Assoc. LDR facebook page.  Respect.  Courtesy.  I’ve warned him to not take my tack and insist on it.

The only thing that really matters to me is that there is now an active LDR constituency in Nebraska.  After ten years of toiling I can finally step back and look on with pride.   I think Michael Rathje is going to do a great job as the new Chair.  There are some knowledgeable people in this association, with years of experience in our governing body, willing to help move things forward.   And as in every organization some turds.   I’m hoping Michael handles the “turds” better than I did.  In fact, I know he will.

gcwbIn 1984 I started the GULF COAST WINDBREAKERS.  I founded the club in response to what I saw as an opportunity to provide more for the local running community than what it was getting.  We tore up the Houston area for the next three years.

BARRAIn 1996 I founded the Brazosport Area Road Runners Association.  This club was formed to rejuvenate a dying running community.  I pulled a dozen races together with course certification, prize money, and kids programs.  BARRA still enjoys an active membership that provides positive lifestyle opportunities for all.


I founded Team Nebraska to advocate for our state’s most talented athletes.  History will judge whether or not I succeeded.


NRGE.  Our message and purpose and intent is on our logo.  Peace, Love, Run.  While beating you to the finish line.

MEEP MEEPDuring my time with the Brazosport Area Road Runners I began collecting my favorite bird.  Meep! Meep!






Monday morning kudos to our mate Lindsey Brezenski (19:40) on her win at yesterday’s Omaha Race For The Cure.  Appears to have been a Real Race with 2nd place finisher Angela Sing (19:42) only a couple of ticks back.  Another Nebraska Run Guru Elite overall victory.  That’s three and I’m counting.

Descriptor:  Moving forward I’ll refer to NRGE athletes as mates, it was my term to bring with.  And when referring to Team Nebraska I’ll say old mates.

Have to give a big hand to our mate Kyle Clouston.  He has been unselfishly driving over from Lincoln every Wednesday night for pacing duites with Lindsey.  Team.

Congratulations to some of my old mates too.  Luka Thor, Justin Mollak, Jimmie Doherty, Bob Miyake, and Craig Christians went 1-5.

Big Tip of the Sombrero to old mate Nate Stack too.  He ran a very nice 2:36:23 at the Twin Cities Marathon to be the only finisher from Nebraska.  Up next weekend is my boy and old mate Cory Logsdon tearing up the Chicago Marathon, Natalie Como too.  It should be apparent and noted that while I don’t ride roughshod over my old mates anymore I still support all but a couple.

Dichotomy.  I want Team Nebraska athletes to do their very best, that will never change.  Now I’m just urging our NRGE athletes to finish one spot ahead.  Viva Competition!

My old buddy Elva Dryer would only finish 3rd master at Twin Cities.  Sheri Piers of Falmouth, ME took the win in 2:38:33.  Former Omaha Marathon winner Wendi Ray was 2nd in 2:40:27 and Elva was next in 2:44:23.  The top seven masters women were all under 3 hours.  On the men’s side old mate (one year only, 2003) Tracy Lokken finished 2nd overall in the 45-49 age group in 2:26:26.

Twin Cities also served as the open US Championships for the marathon.  The top 9 men ran Olympic Trials qualifiers, sub 2:16:00.  The top 10 women ran sub 2:40 for their Trials qualifiers.

Some good conversations going on at the USATF Nebraska Association LDR facebook page.  Telling to see where folks are shaking out in this new era of openness and communication.  Wish I would have set this up years ago.  Nothing like open communication to dispel rumours and lies.  Or to foster positive growth.  I’m opting for the latter with the former being gravy.

Gravity.  I saw the movie yesterday at the IMAX in 3-D.  My review is that the special effects overshadowed mediocre performances.  

Gravity.  One of the fundamental forces of physics.  The force exerted by the gravitational field of a massive object on any body within the vicinity of its surface.

I have a gravitational pull on those around me that possess dreams of potential realized.  I’m definitely much more selective on how I parse it out these days.  Those bodies that reside in my sphere of influence are now hand selected, fitting a criteria of characteristics learned from dealing with so many different personalities over the years.