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At the 2012 USATF Nebraska Association annual meeting LDR Chair Matt Pohren introduced the Nebraska Association LDR Founder’s  Scholarship.  I  am honored that it is in my name and privileged to oversee the selection committee (Shannon Stenger, James McGown, current LDR Chair, me).

This year’s winners are Millard South’s Taylor Somers (State Champ 1600 – 5:02.21 & 3200- 10:52.16) for the girls and a split between Westside’s Milo Greder (State Champ1600- 4:09.6*, 2nd 3200- 9:20.69) and Millard West’s Seth Hirsch (State Champ 3200-8:57.20*,  2nd 1600- 4:14.10) for the fellas.
* State record

Congratulations to these deserving athletes and not for the last time, Giddyup!


I wrote a grant to the USATF national offices in Indianapolis back in 2002 to publish this brochure and launch the LDR program in Nebraska.  I can hardly believe  it has been 15 years already.  Featured on the cover:  Michelle Swenson, Gary Dougherty, Ann Ringlein, Michelle Paxton, and Craig Christians.  There was no USATF LDR program, no Team Nebraska, no LRC Racing, no Women Run Nebraska, nada for post collegiate athletes before I moved here, I know it is hard to believe.

You have my permission to chuckle if someone tries to convince you otherwise.  Aw Shucks!


Thanks to Chris McBratney for sending in the  following report.  If you would like to submit a race report please email to:  shoot me an email and I’ll do  my best to get it in!

“This is my 4th year as Race Director, and we’ve continued to see some fast times, particularly in the 5 mile race (we also have a 2 mile option).  The course is exceptionally flat, so it supports some good times.  Ridge Road Run 5 Mile results

This year, we had a good showing of some college and high school talent.  The race was won by Tito Gonzalez (in 26:18), followed closely by Jack Schulz (26:44), both of whom I believe just graduated from Fremont High School.  I would hope with talent like theirs that they’ll continue their running journeys beyond 12th grade!  Not to be outdone was Ben Schulz (29:25), who I would assume will continue running under Coach Sean McMahon at Fremont High School again next year.  4th place was Alex Rohlfs (30:31), who runs for Drake and will be a sophomore this year.  We also had Alex Way (31:00.93) and Jacob Klein (31:33) who run at Midland University and I believe tend to favor much longer distances.  Jacob crossed the line just 1 second ahead of his former high school coach at Fremont High School, Sean McMahon (31:34) who still continues to put up some really competitive times.

There’s very little shade on the course, we hardly had any wind, and it was pretty humid.

This year was also the first year of the Corporate Challenge (a competition for companies and organizations to encourage their employees to participate for the John C. Fremont Cup), which is similar to the Corporate Cup and other team-related events.  No surprise here, the race was won by Fremont High School, led by Coach Sean McMahon, his wife Beth, and their son Ross.  They beat out Hormel and Bell Field Elementary and get to take ownership of the John C. Fremont Cup until next year’s race.  We hope that we’ll continue to see more organizations competing next year to get some stiff competition for the Tigers!”




This has been one hell of a recruiting season.  Mark Abrams, Sean Skillern, Ryan Bauermeister and Liz Starbuck already announced.  Abby Schlater signed yesterday.  The door is still open.

Advocating for serious athletes.  Putting performance above politics.  All but Abby having made the obligatory trip to the  Bar None to get the skinny on what the club means,  what it stands for, what its goals are.   Abby will be out for her final introduction upon return from her position at the Michael Johnson Performance Center in Texas.  Abby studied at College of St. Mary in Omaha before heading to the Lone Star State and we are happy she’s headed back.

What brings Mark and Sean and Ryan and Liz and Abby to Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc.?

I made the decision to advocate for American athletes in 1996 after a boatload of “C” level Kenyans took the $3000 in prize purse at my Run For The Arts 10 Mile.     Over 22 years of service later there is no questioning my commitment to developing Americans.   Fighting the good fight for the last 17 years right here in the Heartland.  Trying to make it a Better Place.

These athletes are doing due diligence.   We welcome them and promise to do what we do best.  All they have to do is the same.  And have a USATF membership in the Nebraska Association.

Giddyup Y’all!




The 5th annual TeamUp for TeamMates 5K is set for Saturday, August 5th at Lake Zorinsky.  Put on by NorthStar Financial Services.  Nice payday ($100) for the winners.  Great benefit.

TeamUp For TeamMates 5K

Nice little race out at my old dojo.  Starts and finishes at the NorthStar campus just behind the Fleet Feet on 177th & W. Center.  Winds up a big hill through Legacy, drops down onto the trail proper, out to the parking lot at 168th, and giddyup the same way back.  Shaded.  Course laid  with  Jones Counter (USATF Course Measurement protocol).  So you can count on a legit distance.

Nebraska Run Guru Elite kits on the line.  The ones with the Blue Collars.  Working hard.


Last year Cory Logsdon (243) and Colin Morrissey (228) were both credited with 15:27 for the tie.  photo courtesy  of Gary  Dougherty



I was added 11/28/1957.  At the end of that year, 2,890,572,980 (2.8 billion) human organisms squirming freely on the planet.   In 60 years the world is teeming with an additional 5 billion people.  In my life the U.S. doubling its population.  Most interesting movement in the country populations?  United Kingdom, Germany and Russia trending steadiest and plummeting in the rankings.  Iran, Turkey, Egypt, combined population more than tripling from 70 to 258 million.

2.8 billion
1. China- 633 million
2. India- 419 million
3. U.S. – 171 million
4. Russia- 114 million
5. Indonesia- 93 million
6. Japan- 91 million
7. Germany- 71 million
8. Brazil- 65 million
9. United Kingdom- 51.4 million
10. Bangladesh- 51.3 million
21. Turkey- 25.6 million
23. Egypt- 25 million
27. Iran- 19 million

1975 (I graduated H.S.)
4.0 billion
1.China- 917 million
2. India- 618 million
3. U.S.- 215 million
4. Indonesia- 135 million
5. Russia- 134 million
6. Japan- 111 million
7. Brazil- 108 million
8. Germany- 78 million
9. Pakistan- 76.4 million
10. Bangladesh- 76.1 million
13. United Kingdom- 56 million
20. Turkey- 40 million
21. Egypt- 36 million
25. Iran- 33 million

6.0 billion
1. China- 1.2 billion
2. India-  1.0 billion
3. U.S.- 282 million
4. Indonesia- 213 million
5. Brazil- 176 million
6. Pakistan- 152 million
7. Russia- 146 million
8. Bangladesh- 132 million
9. Japan- 126 million
10. Nigeria-124 million
11. Mexico- 99  million
12. Germany- 82 million
15. Iran- 68 million
16. Turkey- 67 million
17.- Egypt- 65 million
21. United Kingdom- 59 million

7.4 billion
1. China- 1.3 billion
2. India- 1.2 billion
3. U.S.- 328 million
4. Indonesia- 260 million
5. Brazil- 216 million
6.  Pakistan- 204 million
7. Nigeria- 192 million
8. Bangladesh- 174 million
9. Russia- 134 million
10. Japan- 126 million
15. Egypt- 91 million
16. Turkey- 84 million
17. Iran- 83.7 million
22. United Kingdom- 64 million

50/50.  Half the people are nice, half not so much so or worse.  You can’t please everyone.  Won’t make everyone happy.  Find your niche and live your life, be true to yourself, stand for something.  Be passionate.  Make a difference.  Leave your mark.  You little organism you!


About Jack & Sam.  Two  American kids training up in the Heartland.

Both were in Lacrosse, WI for last weekend’s Region 8 meet attempting to qualify  for USATF National Champs in Lawrence, KS at the end of this month.  Sam pr’d and advanced in both the 1500 (4:29) and 3000 (9:46).  Jack pr’d in the 3000 (11:46) to finish 6th, 1 place from advancing.  Proud of his progress and effort this season no matter what.

Sam this morning:
1 X 1000 in 3:09, 1 X 800 in 2:19, 1 X 400 in 67.9, 1 x 200 in 28.8.  Mixing in a little 3000/1500 work.  Completely reigned in and in control.  Executing the kick.

And Jack?  Off to golf.

Point of today’s column?  Non-Specialization.  When the boy’s parents approached me in 2013 they were “used to” the  boys being on the track 4 days/week.  I took them on under the condition of only 2 track days/week.  They wrestled.  They played baseball.  They golfed.  They played basketball.   Sam will be at the Creighton basketball camp all this week in fact.  This entire training cycle has been conducted meeting only 1/week on the track.  Results oriented, effective, high level training.  Let the kids be kids for goodness sakes!  Keeps them well rounded and healthy.


My goal is for Sam to be a 4 year varsity letterman at Burke and get a track or cross country scholarship offer.  A little ditty, about Jack and Sam.  Two American kids training up in the Heartland.




Last minute title change for today’s column.  Started out as “AND STILL THEY COME” but after my run this morning it morphed into “ITS A HUGE CHIP”.

This competitive notion, this club, Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc.  Its not for everyone.  In fact its for very few.  Most likely not suitable to the genteel conversations of the upper crust.  The well heeled and entitled looking down long pedigreed noses at this group of blue collars.  Or even more telling, simply ignoring them.

I told Ryan Baurmeister that until informed otherwise we have absolutely nothing to offer him other than coaching, a kit, and competitive opportunities.  Went on to explain that it was more about what he can contribute to the club.  He is cool with that.  And then changed my column title with the following statement- “I like the whole chip on the shoulder thing”, Ryan, ITS A HUGE CHIP.


Nebraska Run Guru Elite,  Inc. is proud to announce the addition of Ryan Bauermeister.   Ryan attended high school in Spencer Iowa (1600- 4:22, 3200- 9:38) and graduated from Northwestern (Orange City, IA) this year with a degree in exercise science.  Ryan’s collegiate bests were 1:56 800, 15:39 5K/ 8:46 3K indoors and 32:35 10K/ 15:30 5K outdoors.  Ryan lives in Omaha and works at Peak Performance.

And he’s got a chip on his shoulder.  ITS A HUGE CHIP.



Aye Aye Captain!  Jay Welp is doing yeoman’s work and there could be no better ambassador for our club.

Jay, you know, that cat that has raced everywhere and everyone, hasn’t lost a race since finishing 10th overall at the Lincoln Half.   Manning up against Team Nebraska’s and LRC Racing’s Very Best.  Until beaten, King of the Road.  Yeah, that one.  My Boy!


Jay (15:25) got the “W” in Ames last night, Mark Abrams 3rd 16:25, Alec DeVries 8th, 16:50, and last second arrival Sean Skillern in just under 18.


The tomatoes are beginning to set
They’ll  be the best you can get
Eggplant with big black bottoms
If you’ve never tried them you really oughta
Peppers both hot and sweet
Cayennes, Nardellos, they can’t be beat
A field of collards from here to there
Swiss Chard and Leeks, plenty to spare
Squash, zucchini, melons and cukes
Me in the garden in Daisy Dukes
Onions, bunching, and red and white
So fresh they slept in the ground last night
Rutabaga, turnips and parsnips too
Winter root vegetables for me and you
Garlic and tomatoes and cranberry beans
And the most beautiful eggs you’ve ever seen


Fresh organic garlic.  Planted November 1st, harvested yesterday, nothing like it.  Culinary delights for only $3 each!


Just finished a hot 6 with Robert Borer.  Today’s column title kind of sums him up.  A Real  Beast of a competitor and one heck of a nice guy.

I thanked Robert today.  Told him that until I  started training him I  considered Obstacle and Spartan events just so much glow-mud-neon-foam-virtual-slippy slide-fluffy-kumbaya-fanny pack wearing-headphone sporting-hand holding-untimed novelty nonsense.  A position I still mostly hold but will no longer blanket all races/racers with.

I told him that anyone that yields to my  guidance, accepts the challenges of my workouts, puts in the work, has my respect, even if they  are ice  skating.

Sam and Jack Runde will be skating into Lacrosse, Wisconsin tomorrow afternoon for the USATF Region 8 Championships.  Both qualified in the 3000, Sam also in the 1500.  This morning’s early workout 400, 300, 200, 100.  Sam (61.9, 45.0, 26.7, 12.55), and Jack (81.0, 57.8, 35.1, 16.0) both showing they are ready.


Robert is kicking butts half his age thanks to me kicking his!