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The Omaha Marathon is this weekend. (NE13010KU)
The Heartland Marathon is September 24 (NE16006GM)
The Nebraska Marathon is October 15. (NE16011GM)

The Wabash Trace Marathon was last week.  Granted in Iowa but still illustrating the explosion in 26.2 mile races East of the Platte.

Why are there so many 26.2 races popping up in the last 3 years?  Because no single marathon has captured the imagination and support of the entire Omaha community.  Bounce back to yesterday and my keen interest in annexation.  If it does happen, and Waterloo becomes part of Omaha proper, well then.  In 2013 I pitched the Freedom Run Half Marathon  to the  Twin Rivers YMCA.  With an eye on designing  the flattest, fastest 26.2 mile race in the United States.  Patience Guillermo, Patience.

Our NRGE Board of Director and Medical Director will once again be on loan as Chief Medical Officer duties for the Heartland Marathon.  NRGE, Inc. happy to contribute to the Omaha running community.  De Nada.




Front page of the OWH this morning.  “City Could Reach for Waterloo”

Travis Harlow is Village Board President, Chief of the Volunteer Fire Dept., local business owner and everyone’s  buddy.  He’s vested.  And he’s 100% against someone else calling shots over his community.  Has dug his heels in that Waterloo knows what is best for Waterloo.

Refuses to be beholding to some master across the Elkhorn River.

Our little community is just fine thank you.  Blue collars mostly, surrounded by affluent Curtis Acres, Mallard Landing, and West Shores.  It’s those $$ that the Mayor covets most.  She’s certainly not concerned about the B and C level citizenry.  She’s after the crème de la crème.  Hoping to boost her own stock by co-opting an unwilling populace.  Gaining the stranglehold and then pushing mediocre programs down unwilling gullets.

These Blue Collars are not to be underestimated though.  They don’t like some yonder piper playing the lead.

Going to be interesting.


Below is Colin Morrissey’s 2017 LDR Report.  Submitted at this past Sunday’s USATF Nebraska Association meeting.  From the official minutes.  Looks like some interesting discussion points.  Glad to see the LDR Scholarship reported on.  Sorry to have missed two (NRGE and combining clubs) of the topics as I might have had a contribution.  Without  further adieu:

Nebraska LDR 2017 Annual Report

– Championships and results (word document)
-Discussion on prize $
– Scholarship winners ($1000 total, so in this case $500, $250, and $250)   -Millard South’s Taylor Somers (State Champ 1600 – 5:02.21 & 3200- 10:52.16)   -Westside’s Milo Greder (State Champ1600- 4:09.6*, 2nd 3200- 9:20.69) and Millard West’s Seth Hirsch (State Champ 3200-8:57.20*,  2nd 1600- 4:14.10).   * State  Record
– Letter from Logan LRC (e-mail)
– Team Nebraska perspective
– Discussion on combining clubs
– XC Championship,  lack of interest / registration
– what can we do?
-will we have a prepared course, timing system, painted course ect.
– volunteers?
– advertising supplies
– Concerns with number of people whom attend National Annual meeting (e-mail)
– Championships going forward
– Lincoln Marathon
– Cornfield Cornfield 10K
– Columbus Downtown Runaround 5 mile
– Arrows to Aerospace Road Mile
– G.O.A.T.Z Trail Run 50K
– Good Life Halfsy
– Nebraska USATF XC Championship
– Questions for me?


Sometimes hard for me to keep up with all our mates.  I caught this over the weekend- Jeremy Morris winning the Hawk 100 Mile.  Jeremy, we appreciate and recognize your dedication to the trails and ultras!

Jeremy is a man’s man in the discipline of ultra long racing.  I take a lot of personal pride in the fact that Jeremy continues to represent.  Incorporated Hammer sponsorship onto his NRGE kit and hasn’t looked back.


A slight delay for lightning didn’t dampen the runner’s spirits.  Athletes from NRGE, Team Nebraska, Club 402, and Women Run Nebraska took advantage of the Mother of All Courses.

Luka Thor took the half title in 1:10:27.  Completely unchallenged and a minute and a half faster than his half in Grand Island a couple weeks ago.  Freaky Fast Course!  Matt Schneider was second overall and seeing him was The Highlight of my morning.  Brian Labenz in 3rd.


Shannon Mauser-Suing three-peated in 3rd overall with 1:24:33.  Christy Nielsen was second across the line and also the 2nd Biggest Highlight of my morning.  Great to catch up with this legend of Nebraska distance running.  Kam Weise of Westin in 3rd.


NRGE’s Jay Welp (L-32:28), Mark Abrams (34:03), and Sean Skillern (36:05) grabbed the lion’s share of the sponsored prize purse.  Look, you go out and ask sponsors for prize money outside of their donation to the general  fund of the  race.  Describe how hard these athletes work to continue their development, how just a little ($1000) can make such a big difference in helping with their shoes and entry fees.  Earmark it and describe it as such, recognize the contributor.  Same as it ever was.

The women’s 10K turned out to be the feature race of the morning.  Kayte Partch (unattached) 4th overall in 38:05, led NRGE’s duo of Nicole Norris (6th overall, :90 personal best 39:17) and Liz Starbuck (7th overall, 39:32).  Three of the top female athletes in the state getting to know each other on Reichmuth Road.  I’m trying to remember the last time a USATF Certified race had 3 women under 40:00, the Omaha Corporate Cup  so  many years ago……


A record 230 runners AND racers took part in this race so very close to my heart.  Jay and Mark and Luka shortly after the start.  Millard West Coach Colin Johnston in 4th, would make the U-turn in front of Valmont and lead the 5K runners back to the YMCA.

I’ve been directing races since the CISA 5K in 1983.  I have never seen the civic support that we receive in Valley, Nebraska.  Look at the above photo.  we are allowed a full lane plus the shoulder of Reichmuth Road.  Douglas County sheriffs on both ends shutting down traffic.  The race that commemorates our 9/11 fallen service personnel also has the most somber pre race with National Anthem, 21 Gun salute, and the playing of taps.   Not many dry eyes, not many.  Complete results:  Freedom Run Results

Other results from the weekend:
Corporate Cup   This race that used to host our USATF 10K Championships, used to be the fastest USATF Certified 10K in Nebraska.  This event that used to draw 15,000 (200 runners plus 14,800 walkers).  Reports of 1700 participants.  Slowest times in the history of the race.

Buffalo Run  459 finishers with some fast times for Eric Noel (26:20) and Mary Hillis (30:13).

Congratulations to everyone  that raced this weekend!





Our numbers have slowly increased over the last 10  years.   The organization has withstood every effort to sabotage, derail, and discredit.  The Wars of the first 10 years of the program worth it.  USATF is now a recognizable entity  in the Nebraska running fabric.  A group that will be heard.

Team Nebraska.  Lincoln Running Company Racing.  Women Run Nebraska.  Nebraska Run Guru Elite.

Please don’t ignore these fine athletes and their clubs.  They are the pinnacle of our sport in Nebraska.  They are the inspiration and motivation for the future of running and racing here in the Good Life.  They are the embodiment of what is best and they deserve support.

How much muscle are we ready to flex?  Are we ready to show up and affect Real Change?  Is my finger anywhere near the pulse?

Our USATF athletes.  I know them.  And why we run.


The start/finish for this  weekend’s Freedom Run is something spectacular.



Three days last week including a cross country workout.  Maybe not Lazarus but I do feel like my running has been resurrected.  The USATF Nebraska Association XC Champs will be my first race since September 2014.

I want to push my limits.  Test my self with complete honesty.  Mental and physical exertion the exam.   This sport of running, that I’ve built a career and life’s passion around.  Always expecting the very best of myself.  Always expecting the best from others.

A lot of things have me motivated right now.  In my running.  I’ll be 60 in less than 90 days.  Any Real Runner salivates over these 10 year birthdays.  Fresh to the peer group.  Tired of the previous ass whoopings by age group newbies.  A chance for redemption, a fresh start.