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Nebraska USATF.  Team Nebraska.  Nebraska Run Guru.  All the offshoots that have now blossomed on their own.  Every single one started by a seed, by a single Sower.  You readers understand the importance I place on doing things that others don’t or won’t, haven’t or couldn’t, shouldn’t or wouldn’t.  Daring where Angels fear to tread as it were.  I don’t know why there was a blank canvas when I moved here in 2001, it just was.  A wide open field allowing seeds be sown, competitive running and racing.  As a club, as a culture.  Not done yet.

Bar None Produce no less a singular expression of excellence.  Built on a belief in completely chemical free garden vegetables.  Like my running programs, a vision that requires extra, above and beyond the status quo.  If you really believe in something, and enjoy what you do, there really is nothing better.

Principled.  Unwavering.  And All Started Here.

Lettuces and cabbages and leeks and collards all springing up.  Each one a single seed that will end up as chemical free nourishment.  Excellence In,  Excellence Out.  Always.





Thanks to everyone that braved the single digits this morning!   Hope to see you all at our 2019 Winter Fitness Series finale, the Halley’s Comet 10K set for February 23rd,!  Registration also open for our 13th annual Nebraska Trail Run,

And don’t forget the “Flattest Closed Road Marathon in the World”, Saturday April 27th!  Also pancake flat half marathon!

2019 Two Rivers Valentine’s Day 5K Official Results

  1. Wes Ferguson      17:14
  2. Ben Shulz              17:22
  3. Reed Johannsen   17:56
  4. Braden Taylor       18:19
  5. Carter Waters       18:20
  6. Tyson Baker          18:38
  7. Craig Halverson    19:03
  8. Junior Garcia         19:12
  9. Nolan Miller           19:14
  10. Sean McMahon     19:23
  11. Casey Kruger         19:35
  12. Kirk Bramwell        19:39
  13. Derek Dreier          19:52
  14. Maxwell Brown     20:30
  15. Matt Ondracek      21:08
  16. Johnna Jerman      21:22
  17. Jack Duysen          23:11
  18. Carissa Stout        23:12
  19. Kelley Perry          23:26
  20. Zamarripa Hernandez  23:28
  21. Raya Dzingle         23:37
  22. Robert Borer         23:39
  23. Chad Dzingle        24:26
  24. Mike McKay          24:53
  25. Ty Buss                  25:02
  26. Ariel Brockmeier  25:11
  27. Maggie Holub       25:14
  28. Jeff Sindelar          25:46
  29. Ashley Kennedy   26:11
  30. John Jerman          26:45
  31. Sarah Conway      26:48
  32. Wendy Jerman     27:15
  33. Julile Selk              27:40
  34. Holly Hafer           28:37
  35. Rosy Marquez      28:49
  36. Yenzi Rivera         28:52
  37. Jenny Briseno      29:00
  38. Kara Merchant    29:01
  39. Amy Frankforter  29:02
  40. Tessa Jerman       29:13
  41. Scott Wilson         29:41
  42. Rebecka Schafer  30:16
  43. Missy Fuchs          31:01
  44. Gary Jerman         31:16
  45. Moriah Wellman  31:55
  46. Tawnya Roberts   32:23
  47. Brian Nielsen        33:10
  48. Mary Andersen     33:59
  49. Suzanne Mortensen  34:21
  50. David Mortensen  34:22
  51. Nini Vides                35:09
  52. Tammie Mead        35:15
  53. Logan Craig            36:35
  54. Victoria Stegall       36:36
  55. Kara Ryks                41:44
  56. Paloma Guzman    43:38
  57. Joseph Mazzio        47:49


A lot of high level racing coming up for the fleetest of feet.

March 16th finds our USATF Masters 8K National  Championships in Virginia Beach, Va.  Flat and Fast as it should be!—Calendar/2019/USATF-Masters-8-km-Championships.aspx

March 24th is the Shamrock  Shuffle in Chicago.  Some of the best USATF clubs in America will be going at it and LRCN should  field competitive teams for both men and women.   Be sure and check the rules if you have any questions:

April 23rd is our USATF Road 1 Mile Champs in Des Moines.—Calendar/2019/USATF-1-Mile-Road-Championships.aspx

April 28th and the James Joyce Ramble 10K in Dedham, MA will be hosting our USATF Masters National Champs for that distance.

May 5th will have you toeing the line at our USATF Half Marathon Championships in Pittsburgh.—Calendar/2019/USATF-Half-Marathon-Championships.aspx

And May 11th perhaps my favorite race on the National Champs Circuit, the Fifth Third River Bank Run 25K in Grand Rapids.—Calendar/2019/USATF-25-km-Championships/Athlete-Information.aspx





Celebrating our 1 year anniversary this week.  Marking our visit to the City of Valley and Douglas County.  A grand vision to provide athletes from across the United States the opportunity to Run to Their Potential.

You’ve seen a lot of it unfold here.  Been a while since last report.

We have 250 registered representing 22 states.  201 runners from Nebraska.  Chasing personal bests and Boston qualifiers.  We have 6 runners from the Boulder Athletic Club and 2 from the Kansas City Smoke.  Going for their Olympic Trials qualifiers.

Our participation awards highlight the iconic art deco Valley sign and a bubble level to reflect the Flattest Closed Road Marathon in the World.

Our age group awards are being made from the original DC West High School bleachers, my best guess from the late 50s or early 60s.  Representative of the community  support both for and by the race.  Proceeds will help fund the growing DC West Cross Country program.

Our Gold Level Sponsors include Omaha Steaks, Bayer CropScience, H&H Roofing, Thrive Space, Archistructure, and Gretna Family Health.

The course has been ridden by Gary Meyer and Tristan Nelson, laying down preliminary marks.  First best day above 40 degrees and the final measurement will be conducted for official USATF Certification.  Both the Half and Full now USATF Sanctioned.  State, National record eligible, IAAF record eligible.

Our website is still a work in progress.  All of our committee positions are volunteer and we appreciate the time and work done thus far.  Please join me in welcoming our two newest committee members, Cindy Grove from the Valley City Council and Lindsay Toussant from the Omaha Sports Commission.

Thanks for checking in and not for the last time,






The 7th annual Two Rivers Valentine’s 5K invites you to grab your sweetie and join us for our annual  love fest!  Good for your hearts and soles!  We’re once again offering a bottle of  wine, box of chocolates, and a big ol hug for all finishers.  And Linda’s hand crafted participation awards!  USATF Certified and Sanctioned course, official times, hot chocolate and donuts to help replenish.



It is great to be young and excited and in a constant hurry.  Immediate gratification and then more, its like that y’all.

It is even better to be old and slow.  Sublime satisfactions well worth the wait.

I rushed through my 20s, 30s, and 40s, paced the 50s, now enjoying my 60s.  A life’s pursuit of running allowing vim and verve for all manner of interests.  And the time to explore them fully.

What has me waxing wanderlust?  Driving across seven states in five days, a good way to see our regional America.  Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.  Eschewing major highways, rewarded with Real.   Kingfisher, OK-  birthplace of Sam Walton- streets paved with gold, well timbered houses, a diamond sticking out of the endless and ever red clay.  Indiahoma, my dad’s hometown, population 300.  My sister there too.  You see every star at night.  Just outside Ft. Sill, Native Americans only outnumbered by mesquites and cacti.  Real America.

The drive across the Texas Panhandle, getting to sing “Amarillo By Morning” to my sweet Linda, wide open skies going straight to the heavens.  Filling up and “800 miles to empty” emboldening even the most rural excursion.  Into Springer, New Mexcio, first time there, seeing my brother.  The hat trick of my living Lindgren side.  Dad 88, Cindy 62, Jim 60, good genes up top.

To Canon City, Colorado during the height of off season.  Just the locals, well mixed plus or minus my age, quite mellowed.  Final leg eleven and a half hours straight including the High Plains Highway, as scenic and treacherous a stretch of road you’ll find.  And then from York to Waterloo a pea soup fog, frightening.

This 88 year old Oklahoma Cowboy, a most remarkable and surprising artist.  Hand crafting some Real Americana for the genre.

Working on holsters right now.  He cuts and hand tools each piece from specific leathers.

The intricate and fine detailed work of this pattern is amazing.  Notice the hare and the bear on the holster on the right.  Animals making feature appearances throughout his work.

Each holster takes approximately a week of patience.

He also makes belts, each crafted with the same eye and hand.

And his signature pieces!


Bok-Bok-Bok, I’m not a chicken!

Face your fears.  Embrace them.  Defeat them.  With a certain degree of sensibility and caution of course.  A good plan well executed.

I drove some serious elevations last week and found analogies to running.  Sheer drop off on the outside, carefully negotiating  narrow switchbacks higher and higher.  Unable to see the ultimate destination. Completely out of the comfort zone.   Driving on faith.

You can aspire to go higher with your running and racing.  It will require you to push aside preconceived notions, move beyond your self imposed limitations.  Be brave, take the leap, dare to fly.  The rarefied air, the amazing views, the sense of accomplishment all worth it.

1053′ above the Arkansas River.  Staring down my fears.  Living a fuller life.



Linda and I have been on the road this week and having a great time.  Sitting in our cabin in Springer, New Mexico as I pen these words.  Off to Colorado Springs in the morning to visit the US Olympic Training Center, a guru must go where called.

Tomorrow kicks off your beginner’s half marathon training program for Valley 7 Lakes.  I’ll be posting weekly installments under the new banner up top.   The program assumes that you have the ability to walk for one hour or run for 30 minutes with no problem.  I’ll start you out using minutes for the first few weeks and then convert your training into miles to help you get a better feel for the distances.

I’ll be back to regular daily columns beginning this coming Monday.  Thanks to everyone for keeping your ears open to what Run Guru Says.